Replacing rear Brake discs, Method?

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  1. Will be replacing rear brake discs soon haven’t had a chance to get a wheel of yet and have a look at the job (will do this soon). Question is, is this a straightforward job to do or are there hidden issues that can occur? Do the hub nuts come off easy? Do the discs themselves come off easily, or do you need pullers or something? Any advice is greatly received. Cheers.
  2. Easy job, the hub nut will be tight, think it's 260nm.
    Just have to remove the caliper, you will need a wind back tool for the new rear pads
  3. Straight forward (must be if I've done it)

    caliper off
    Caliper carrier off
    Disk off
  4. Ok, cheers for info.
  5. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    if its like the mk2 youll need a set of etorx sockets to undo the caliper carrier bolts from the axle

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