250 Noise from belt area at idle

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  1. Hi guys. My belt area has either started sounding "pigeony", or it has done it before and i just noticed it now.

    Had cambelt/aux done last year and went to hospital shortly after, so havent driven the car since.

    Dealers didn't change water pump cause my milage was so low (5000km). Would have paid for it but i just kinda guessed they would have included it, or woulda asked. Live and learn.

    Anyways would hate to have to change them again. Kinda hoping its something else. Anyone heard a similar whine before?

    Goes away with revs. Think it sounds more when warm? Will double check tomorow.

    Thankful for any help
  2. Supposed to say 50 000km ofc :tongueout:
  3. I have the same problem.
    Its cause by tighting the timingbelt to tight.
    even when the tensioner is on the right point.
    The problem came also when i changed the timingbelt.

    I can not confirm this but i read that many people have this problem.

    Cold nothing only on warm engine with my rs250
  4. Sorry to hear it. How long have you had the noise?

    Will i need to get it sorted or is she fine anyway?
  5. Any chance this might be a dephaser pulley or solenoid? Just did some research and dephaser was not swapped with belts either..
  6. Would say it was water pump, dephaser proper rattles its tits off.
  7. Yeah so waterpump means beltservice all over again right?

    Will be going to the dealer who made the beltservice last year and let them have a listen.

    Also no sound when cold confirmed.
  8. Dephaser pully is also a cambelt job aswel
  9. I had the noise when i changed the timingbelt in nov 2018.
    See is still fine en runs great.
    I did also did change the water pump, aux belt and tensioner.
    But not the dephaser pulley, but if that thing is bad it rattels, iam a car mechanic so i now how bad they can sound lol

    but youre sound is from the timing belt it self just like my car
  10. My R26 sounds exactly the same. Its actually in for a cambelt as we speak so will soon tell

    Only made that noise when warm too

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  11. Thanks for the replies guys. Headed out to the dealer who did the work today.

    They heard the noise but wasnt able to pin point it with their stetoscope. Will be heading back in on Thursday and they'll try and start it without aux belt to see if they can find the cause.

    If it is cambelts and it is a problem they'll replace them under belt warranty. So in any case service is great.

    Will repost what is learned
  12. Has it made that noise for a long time Kyle? Seems pretty common to be fair. Found lots of threads after some digging.

    Maybe someone found out how to solve it and i can give my dealer some insight i hope.
  13. It's been like it since I've had it. And I've had everything changed. I think that's just how they sound tbh. They ain't the sweetest sounding engines

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  14. Was in at renault today. With the aux belt of the car made no noise. Had a new aux belt fitted in like 20 minutes and noise came back although its quite a bit quieter.

    They said it might be generator or ac compressor wheel making the noise however since the belt change quieted things down i'm not sure.

    Anyway. Various threads on here calmed me down a bit. Will keep monitoring. Just thaught i'd post an update.
  15. M
    Mine too!! Haha. It's the same exact sound as is in the video. Louder when warm. I expect the sound to come from a bearing or a pulley on the aux belt or someting
  16. Mines a lot better now since I've had all the belts done. Turns out the belt has been changed in the past but not the pulleys. Timed it well to be fair otherwise it could of been fatal [emoji23]

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  17. Mine makes the same sound aswell since I’ve had the timing and aux belt done, I don’t know if I should take it to Renault and get it done again with A genuine Kit and hope it goes, or just accept that it’s gonna sound like this......
  18. Had two genuine aux belts (one with a kit) no improvement. Thought there was at first but it is just dependent on how hot the engine gets.

    Currently thinking of diagnosing my alternators charge rate when hot/cold to see if there is any difference.
  19. I’m just confused as to how my car sounded completely normal (ticking like a Swiss watch) to sounding like a diesel when I had my belts done, it is a very annoying sound just feel like I can’t enjoy the car anymore.
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  20. I hear you buddy, same here. Not that i'm thinking of selling but in the back of my head i'm still thinking about resale value, and i take care of the car with that in mind.

    Anyway, I measured the voltage from alternator when cold an hot, when cold 14.5 after 5-7 minutes of warmup it measured 13.4 ran it for about 40 minutes still 13.4. OBD read 13.9 cold and 12.7 hot, so measures a bit lower but voltage drop was similar.

    Logged as i was driving, the 1 volt drop came at the same time intake temp was just starting measuring on RS Monitor (going over 20 degrees) might be a coincidence, just noting here if there is some sort of temperature control for the generator or voltage regulator.

    If anyone could log theirs and see if it does the same after warming up I'd be very thankful. Both if you have the belt noise and not honestly, just too see if there is a correlation.
  21. Good to hear it got sorted! out of curiosity, how long did it make that sound and did it ever get worse or was it just the same?
  22. Mine has done that since I had it.. Under warranty it had the belt and tensioners done twice, the second time with water pump and dephaser pulley and it STILL made that noise. in the end Renault turned around and said 'they all make that noise sir' 40K later and still going ok...
  23. So your telling me I’d be wasting time and money if I was to take the car to Renault to get the belts changed again.....
  24. probably a specialist would be better... however if you have recently had the belt done and they have done something wrong you may have a warranty claim.. but be prepared to not have it go away...
  25. I found someone who had this problem and got it fixed by replacing the crank pulley, obviously belt has to be changed aswell then.

    Also found a cambelt swap manual that specifically stated not to start the car with aux belt removed as it could cause damage to (you probably guessed it) the crankshaft pulley.

    Now i know this was done to mine last week, however it could have been done after cambelt swap aswell i guess (don't know why they would, belts are above my pay grade).

    Why it would damage the crank pulley i also have no idea.

    Anyway. I still have the belt service warranty, going to call renault again and tell them my concerns. If they swap it and it goes away I'll let you know.

    For now though its of to celebrate midsummer!
  26. Well I’m not too sure if Renault specialists exist where I’m from, I live in South Wales and can’t find any around by me unless any of you know of any around here.
  27. Always the same noise once its warm

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  28. I was checking the crank pulley last night and I noticed it is a little bit bent. Seems like it has lost its orthogonality. Maybe the rubber inside the pulley is worned out.

    I will be changing it in the near future aswell as the aux belt. I hope the pidgeons fly away this way hehe. It doesnt bother me too much because you blip the thorttle and the sound disappears for a minute or so and it sounds only at idle speed, but I dont like to see things bent when they are supposed to be straight :confused::confused:
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  29. Keep us posted on how you get along!

    Do you need to change the cam belt with the pulley? Not really sure what runs on what down there.. Never had the confidence to fiddle with belts.

    Also, how can i give my pulley an inspection? I guess i remove the wheel arch liner?
  30. So are we all now down to the conclusion that it may possibly be the crank pulley making all this racket. ‍♂️
  31. I don't think you have to mess with timing belt by removing the crank damper pulley.

    To check it, I only had to remove the right wheel and you can see half of it with no problem but mine is a R26. I dont know for the Megane 3.
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  32. Mk3 is about the same, if you jack up the front or side, you can see the lower part of the pulley without removing the wheel or arch liner.
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  33. I wouldn't worry about it personally they all sound like that (well the two I've had)
  34. Hi guys long time no post, have we got any further into solving this horrendous sound are Meganes are making??
  35. From what i have read on facebook, from people with the same sounds.
    It is the cambelt is too tight, when you tension the cambelt the tensioner wiser must be at a certain position and that makes the cambelt too tight and create that noise.
    I dont know why from factory they dont make that noise.

    I have vacation now so mabye i will losen the timingbelt tension a bit too try it out.
  36. Finally, after quiete a longer time than expected, changed the pulley, belt and tensioner and the sound is pretty much gone. I fitted non original stuff (Febi pulley SKF aux kit). The only sound you hear now is the ticking from injectors, lovely!
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  37. Good follow up report
  38. Mines doing this changed everything still does it so are you saying don’t tension it to the mark on the tension pulley ?

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