Megane 225 Mk2 PH1

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  1. First record images of the latest project car (every car I've owned has turned into a project :wink:

    (artefacts are due to reduction of image size, they're not on the car :smile: )

    Barman58 Megane 225 01.png Barman58 Megane 225 02.png

    Basics done so far ...

    Iridium Plugs and K&N Panel
    Interior lights changed for Blue LED
    Uprated Front lighting (Halogen)
    Uprated Audio (Sony 4x55W BT HU, Clarion Under-seat Sub ( Working but need to sort out cabling properly)

    Wheels are next
    Priced up for wheel refurb (~£350), just need to decide on colour :dizzy: Maybe anthracite
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  2. I've got the same dilemma regards wheels!

    I always liked that style of rim!

    RS 175 Lux
  3. Rear Pipes.png Just been reading the current MOT for the car and noticed it states that it is a non Cat vehicle. so looks like a previous owner has already performed a DeCat.

    The other clue that I had was that the Tail Pipes look different on my car to most of the other PH1 MK2's I've seen so maybe a complete system change :confused:
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  4. The tail pipes look standard to me.
  5. Thanks, am still learning :wink: most PH1's I've seen locally have what look like slightly smaller round pipes rather than the Oval ones I have
  6. Yep. Even with the right one being higher than the left, exactly like mine!
  7. Booked the car in for Wheel refurbish and recolour next week, Went for Gunmetal as the slight Blue tinge should go well with the Arctic blue paintwork of car. Will do Pics when complete :smile:

    Also priced up for full cam belt / aux belt / water pump replacement and replacement Disks and pads all round (K-Tek) with my local guy to fit ( health issues means can no longer do my own repairs etc if they're more than basic :confused:
  8. OK wheels done, (will post pics when some guy called Noah gets out of the way :tongueout: ).

    Also when wheels were done two TPMS sensors fell to bits so have replaced all four :cry:

    Complete Cam-belt / Aux Belt / Water Pump Change and timing re-done, Oil change Washer Pump Change

    Brakes and disks replaced - Standard OEM on Rear & K-Tec (Pagit) Disks on front with Ferodo DS Perf pads ( stopping "Quite" well now).

    When I had belts changed they noticed that the Top, fluid Damped, Engine mount was no longer Fluid Damped so this was changed - What a difference!! I think the mount was basically shot when I bought the car so assumed the vibration was normal - I now have to check if the engine is running befor getting out of the car :flushed:. also for some reason the gearbox seems to be easier to use.

    Also the long running Fault code with Cylinder No2 at idle seems to have gone so maybe the timing had slipped very slightly

    It's now a different beast :laughing:
  9. A few pics half way up the Black Mountain Pass (A4069), pushed it a bit as had a clear run for the first time in years, but needed to stop to catch my breath half way up

    pics show the refurbed wheels but the majority of recent work is not visible as it was under the bonnet and behind the wheels (New pads and Disks )

    2016-09-16.12-22-28-2-Edit.jpg 2016-09-16.12-22-47-3-Edit.jpg 2016-09-16.12-23-23-3-Edit-2.jpg
  10. Finally managed a pic of rear lamp units (option of pair of these "e" approved for less than renault want for one ), Not normally my type of thing but are starting to grow on me


    Oh, Short antenna is new too, now fully DAB+ compliant :wink:
  11. Can't believe I have not updated this in three years [well almost]

    Recent updates are
    Full Cat Back Milltek Resonated System
    K&N 57i Intake System
    Forge Motorsport Turbo Hardpipe and Hose set in Blue
    Forge Motorsport Full Coolant hose set in Blue
    Forge Motorsport Blow Off valve

    Also recently had a stage one remap [280BHP] which is not going well Booked back in for monday morning will have to remember to post back

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