Looking to get into Mégane ownership

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  1. Hey, I know forums are a bit dead now a days. Which is a shame, cos I've always enjoyed reading build threads but I'm pretty set on getting a nice R26 so thought I would sign up.

    Wanting something that I can daily but is also fun and that I like the styling. For my budget, the R26 beats everything else so I'm hoping to find a nice one.

    Really like the blue but I've missed out on a really nice one and I don't think any other blue one would compare so instead looking at black or yellow.

    Also have a project 306 estate xud into a kind of fast road car, but progress has slowed right down and didn't get much done to it last year.
  2. Hi and welcome
    I've put a few engine builds on this site, i'll stay here as i don't do any of the "Anti" social groups.

    I have a fully forged black R26 but i won't sell it as is, it's going to get broken as it has an electrical fault that i can't find.

    Any questions just ask

  3. Aye I came across your for sale post while having a look through the forum. Will need to read through the build thread for it. If I do get one, and it's not already forged, I may potentially look at that in the future but I'm not really looking to go big power. Just wanting something that isn't rusty, dented or scratched to shit. That I can enjoy and drive.

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