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  1. I've tried searching but can't find anything regarding the ktec aircon delete.

    I'm in the process of creating a track megane rs, and have opted for the ktec kit. Unfortunately, the kit doesn't seem to fit as once in situ, the alternator fouls the radiator!

    Has anyone had experience with this kit?

  2. Its easy, remove the air con pump,
    Undo the 10mm headed bolt that holds the clutch on, pull off the clutch, this will then allow you to get to the coil that operates the clutch off.
    undo the 3 bolts that go the length of the air con pump, tap apart, be careful as there is a green fluid inside so do this over a container.
    The shaft will pull out, this will leave you with an empty casing, bolt the two halfs back together and refit.
  3. Starting to think I should've just done this in the first place!

    I ordered a few parts from ktec so thought I'd give their kit a go as it was relatively cheap in comparison to all the other parts and seemed a neat solution removing two pulleys.

    However, if it doesn't work it's an expensive piece of junk!

    I'm confident I've followed the fitment process correctly and unless the vehicle has the wrong alternator or radiator, it simply cant work!
  4. I saw a few kits advertised and they were a silly price, i just emptied out the internals and refitted the casing, saved a good couple of kilo's, it fits perfectly as it was there to start with :laughing::laughing:
  5. might be worth changing the pulley bearing while its apart, only going to be a couple of quid.
  6. Well if it doesn't fit I'll want my money back lol!

    The car is in bits at the moment so I'll give them an opportunity to advise/rectify before I put everything back together.

    Thanks for the help.
  7. Ktec is probably not the best company with if things are wrong, you will have to send it back and wait for them to get around to having a look at it.

    There was another kit doing the rounds, it uses a smaller crank pulley and a stretch belt, but someone i know had issues with that.
  8. Had another look at this earlier and unless I have the wrong alternator fitted, it just won't work!

    Part no on alternator is 8200 290 215 and it looks like the original too.

    Pretty poor from ktec if it doesn't fit!
  9. Yes that is the right part number for the alternator.
    Send it back as "not fit for purpose" it will take a while to get a refund though, then buy another aircon pump and strip it or strip yours, you know it will fit then :laughing::laughing:
  10. Yeah I think I'll just strip my existing pump tomorrow after the cambelt change!

    I'll have to get a new belt etc now, good job I wasn't in a rush to get it all done!
  11. You should be able to pick up an alternator belt from any car parts supplier.
  12. Easy he says... lol
  13. No it's not the belt that's the issue, its separating the aircon unit.

    I cant remove the pulley to gain access to the bolts holding it together!
  14. There's a 10mm headed bolt in the centre of the clutch, you might struggle to get the clutch off it's on a spline it will come off, the electro magnet is retained by 3 screws and the pulley by a circlip.
  15. Mine had a torx headed screw rather than a bolt.

    Removed that but no move movement!

    Managed to cut the clutch off and remove the circlip below but absolutely no movement in anything! Started getting a little aggressive and began to damage things so walked away lol!

    Seems like the bearing is completely jammed.
  16. Thats th problem with steel and aluminium, a bit of corrosion and it jam's up, it will go eventually :laughing::laughing:
  17. I managed to get the clutch and pulley off mine when it was still on the car. Gained access from the drivers wheel arch. The fact it was still bolted in place probably helped as I could get some decent leverage on it. On mine the clutch was held on with a 10mm bolt. Remove that and use a screwdriver between the clutch and pulley to get it off. To remove the pulley I removed the retaining circlip and used a bar to leaver on the back edge of the pulley to get to off the shaft. It took a little while and a lot of penetrant spray but did come free. The coil on mine was just held on with a circlip.


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