R26 Replacing air con compressor help

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  1. Hi guys, my climate control isn't working on my R26 so I've been doing some fault finding. The system is full of gas and the pressure switch is working correctly. There's no fault codes showing. I'm getting a switched 12v feed to the compressor when turning the air con on and off but the compressor clutch isn't kicking in so presume my compressor is shot.

    So a few questions

    Is the clutch on the compressor replaceable or is it just a case of replacing the complete unit?

    If I need to replace the compressor it worth picking up a used one and hope it lasts, or should I just bite the bullet and buy a new one?

    If I need to buy a new unit does anyone have any recommendations for a suitable one?

    Is any of the above works something thats easy enough to do myself, or is it definitely a garage job? (I'm fairly handy and usually do all my own works on my cars but the few times I have have worked on the Meg it's always been a bitch to work on!)

    Thanks in advance
  2. So I've been doing some digging and it would appear that the compressor clutch assembly can be replaced instead of replacing the complete unit. I'm hoping that I can replace the clutch with the compressor in place, or at least without having to disconnect the high and low pressure lines. I'll also check through the cars paperwork to find out when the aux belt and tensioner were last replaced and will replace them too if required.

    Here's a link to the replacement clutch assembly:

  3. You'll be lucky to get that changed with the pump in place, access is bad, but good luck trying.
  4. Doubt you'd be able to do it in situ. I swapped the bearing out on my compressor on my megged clio, theres a circlip holding the clutch assembly on if i remember rightly and was tricky with it in the vice so you'd have a job on without removing it
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I should have the new clutch assembly next week so will see how I get on. If I need to disconnect the high and low pressure lines then it's not the end if the world, just means I'll need to get it degassed/regassed
  6. Find the company that you are going to use and ask them to recover the gas from the a/c system, then go back to have it re gassed, shouldn't charge you as they have to pay for the gas and the gas is ozone depleting so bad for the environment if you decide to let it escape

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