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      Hi everyone I looking to sell my car. Can you tell me if you would add anything or if you think its over priced as I can not find any for sale on fb.gumtree.shpock or ebay haha.This is the write up I have done
      Sadly it's time for her togo...... I'm looking to sell my renault megane 225 cup(remapped to 250bhp eco so real good on fuel aswel as quick) lots of things has been done to the car over the 3 years iv had it including-
      Green alloy wheels(including a green spare plus 3 other spare alloys if wanted)
      A new clutch and dual mass fitted by a local mechanic Kevin. Oil and filter changes. Drop links. Top mounts. Brakes front and back. All fluids have be changed and coolant flushed. Tie rod ends. New battery. Exhaust brake hoses. New temperature sensor. Left and right rack ends. Poly rib belt and v belt tensioner. Front shocks. Wheel bearing. Rear brake calipers. Timing belt and water pump kit has been fitted only last year all with proof. There is more but hopefully you know the car is well looked after and maintained.
      I have also got a rear f1 bumper that I have not bothered to put on(these sell for £150/240 alone) any questions just ask. I will not let anyone drive it unless you have a full driving licence proof of insurance and sensible. My pride and joy aint a toy it is very fast smooth and has the nice gravity through exhaust which sound nice. Also has a dump valve and has a BIG ramair air filter.
      MOT until 30th November 2021. Cheers all

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  1. Can’t see what the price is? I’d say adding dates helps. A new battery last week is different to one 3 years ago. You can get some of that info from the invoices but I’m not sure they help as some are for an Alfa and I’d initially worry why the invoices only have 1 rod end, 1 shock etc. Looks like you did fit new ends, shocks etc. both sides but just curious why you bought them individually? I’d ditch the “by a local mechanic Kevin” as people won’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Hi mate sorry did you get my post back? My phn wouldn't let me reply like this just now for some reason so I posted a new one. Cheers
  3. Hey

    The best way to sell a car is to be very short

    You need to add as much information as possible in the shortest text possible

    meaning that would be looking nicer than your text:

    How many pre owners ?
    MOT (without issues last time?)
    Problems ? (First the issues than the Good things)

    -brakes new 2.02.20 (Price here)
    - Flywheel and clutch done 1.01.19 (Price here)
    - 4 rims mounted 3optional available
    - drop links changed
    And so on

    If someone is really interested he would get in touch with you to find out where it was done and so on

    And take a lot of pictures of a very clean car (it’s a bit faking but use night mode on huawei / iPhone it makes the car more shiny)
    From every corner / side would be 8 pictures, one of the trunk, 3 on the inside 2 (the best would be sitting at the rear seats and take some pics of the dash)
    One of the engine bay, and don’t clean it too well.
    Also make some pictures about Problems like small scratches( what is viewed in the announce can’t be used as a argument to press the price down =) )

    That’s my experience for selling a car, the announce with less text and a lot of pictures is better viewed.

    Wish you a good and fast deal !
  4. Thanks mate I really appreciate all that. Thanks for your time and I will have a look tomorrow and change it best i can. No good at advertising haha. It's on ebay. It's had over 420 views and got 6 watching but no offers yet.
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  5. No problem =)

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