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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Smifter, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Hi, I’ve previously owned an R26 and a 250FF, loved them both but they both were getting a bit high on the miles and I couldn’t resist an incredible 2 year lease deal on an Alfa Giulia Veloce. Always wanted an Alfa but was never brave enough.

    The Giulia is a stunning machine, but it’s just a bit too grown up and doesn’t quite have the same feel as a Megane RS and I’ve now scratched my Italian itch.

    The lease is up in a few months, I’ve thought about getting the new RS but it just leaves me cold along with most other 5 door new hot hatches.

    So, I’m putting it out there that I’ll be in the market for a low mileage 275 Trophy around July/August time, pref with Artic White or Liquid yellow I.d. paint but anything considered for the right car.

    I would consider one of the late model fully specced cup-s cars as an option if it’s like new and has Trophy spec but the Trophy is the one I really want.

    Anyone thinking of selling or p/x later this year i’d be up for a conversation.


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  2. I may be looking to sell mine in a couple of months time possibly..

    2015 Arctic white trophy
    pan roof
    BC coilovers fitted and set up last year at CGR
    18" OZ ultraleggeras
    usual brake hose and fluid upgrade
    rear seats out and custom brush alu rear bar with genuine sabelt net (have seats and fixings as well)
    milage around 30k I think

    There are pics on here somewhere, currently offshore for the next couple of weeks.
  3. Sounds very interesting

    I’d need the rear seats back in though - I assume you’ve got everything to revert back to standard interior?

    I’m in no rush at all so happy to chat when you’re back.


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  4. Got everything to revert the interior back again if needed.
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  5. All

    I’m still on the lookout, having just foolishly missed out on Juk3sy’s car due to hesitating and the Mrs putting on a frowny face with evojkp’s coilovers (though still not discounting it!) i have a much better idea what I’m after now.

    Dream spec is Artic White with decals, speedlines would be nice but not necessary, no big modifications as it’s a daily car (or very discreet stuff like brake lines, air filters etc) ideally Ohlins but again not essential. Under 40k mileage.

    Anyone else out there got a Trophy 275 gathering dust?


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