ZPO (Zero Point One) Shifter - Megane 2/3

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by John Gordon, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. 1) Andyrs
    2) Poppaboost
    3) Arch
    4) John Gordon
    5) Deelfc21
    6) Deelfc21's friend
    7) TommyR
  2. DV8


    I've also emailed :sweatsmile:
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  3. 1) Andyrs
    2) Poppaboost
    3) Arch
    4) John Gordon
    5) Deelfc21
    6) Deelfc21's friend
    7) TommyR
    8) DV8
  4. Any updates?
  5. Hi,

    They are being built as we speak. Those who have paid and provided their details will get a text message when they are shipped.

  6. Terry is still waiting on two people to pay.

    The parts are all ready and will be Anodised and built up next week.
  7. Apologies guys I am one of the two had a shit weeek at work and just catching up now, payment just sent. John thanks for organising the group buy top man
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  8. Hi All,

    Quick update. There was a little delay with the anodizing this week which set Terry back a few days. All the parts are now done and Terry is going to finish building up all the shifters by the end of the week for posting on Monday.


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  9. DV8


    I cant fucking wait to try this thing at Cadwell! :tearsofjoy:
  10. So, its done. Here are your shifters! They shall be collected today by DPD and you'll each receive a text with tracking details.

    I've included the fitting guide PDF in this post.



    Attached Files:

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  11. Cheers for sorting John. Got my tracking number :smile:
  12. I didn't know they had to be fitted from under the car. That makes it a bit more of an arse to fit.
  13. Yeah many thanks John, had my details through too and can see mine as it’s the only titanium knob!
  14. I got mine this morning. Hope you all got yours too and are busy fitting them :wink:
  15. DV8


    Got mine, work of art
  16. Got mine yesterday, beautiful bit of kit!
  17. Got mine super quickly, what an amazing bit of kit and the Carbon looks awesome. Car is up on stands until I can be bothered to take the exhaust off
  18. Does the exhaust have to come off to fit it ?
  19. On the MK2 the shifter fits from underneath exactly where the centre section and heat shield is so all has to come off. Ah well, will be worth it.
  20. Ah was confused as there wasn't anything on my instructions ref the exhaust etc (MK3). Makes sense now
  21. Had to do some adjustments once fitted and also had to trim the surround to fit but got the thing in finally and feeling awesome. Anyone else’s in yet?

  22. Do you have any of these left and total cost please.
  23. Hi,

    The group buy is closed now; However, these are all made to order so you can speak to Terry (Company owner) and see what he can do for you on the price. Tell him you found him via John's group buy and he may well do something on the price for you. contact him here: info@zeropointone.tech
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  24. I've just started to try and get another group buy on the go. If anyone would want one?
  25. I’d be interested,
    What price would these be?
    Meg 3 RS. Black body grey gear knob.
  26. I might also be interested
  27. 2 of us are very late but very interested
  28. Yo también estaría interesado...a ver si hay suerte y podemos hacer un grupo
  29. Very interested if another group buy is going ahead.
  30. I'll be buying at the start of the new year!
  31. Anyone fancy trying another group buy?

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