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  1. Hi all,

    New in here so don’t really know what I am doing!

    Just wondering what tyres people are using on their 250’s?

    I bought mine with Pirelli PZeros on but I am now changing them.

    From hours of wading through reviews I think Michelin Pilot Sport 4 seem to be one of the best. However, I have also seen a lot of good things about the Yokohama Advan Sport V105.

    The Yokohama’s are approx £40 a tyre cheaper. I don’t skimp when it comes to my car at all so I am not just trying to save a few quid (although it would be nice). The different just doesn’t seem great enough to warrant spending the extra money.

    Has anyone got any experience with these tyres?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I've used them, changed from Michelin PSS, found less roll on turn in so slightly shaper response. For daily driving I didn't see much difference elsewhere day to day.
    Will probably try PS4 just to see all the hype.
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  3. PS4 currently the best all round tyre can buy specially the wet grip
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  4. Ive not tried the Yokohama, but the PS4 that I have on my car are very good tyres
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  5. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    Loved my PS4's this summer, did a red hot day at Donington on them and with pressures properly set they were good. Not Federal RSR or proper track tyre good but they didn't fall apart.

    Did Cadwell last week in the rain on them and literally just drove round everyone, the grip was very very impressive.
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  6. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    I’ve just changed from 105s to P Zeros, the Yokohama’s were good but only lasted about 9 month, although that was about 10k
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  7.'ve gone from something adequate TO.......P Zero's....interesting
  8. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Apparently so?
  9. I have P zero's on my Mercedes and in the spring there coming off

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