Yaris GRMN

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  1. Everyone trying to get in on the action now lol :tongueout:
  2. All the shots I've seen of this car look awful hideous styling!
    They should have looked at the new micra coz they seem to have got thing in looks dept back on track in that car.
    And on another note wtf have Suzuki done with the new swift! Another good car ruined in the looks dept
  3. Limited to a run of 400 isn't it? I guess they're going after the collector market with the price. Apparently quite a specialised little thing.

    They'll sell them all I expect.
  4. Only 100 for the UK so maybe they can generate enough interest. No track record for Toyota though, but it worked for VW with the Clubsport S. More of a VW hot hatch following though.

    Plus I don't think it's that specialised, OK supercharged, but the rest is no different from a PS 208 Gti and when they first knocked that out as a limited run special, Peugeot had a job shifting them.
  5. I read an article somewhere that talked about the shell being reworked to improve rigidity. It was also a challenge to make the engine fit apparently.

    It's not much of a looker but nice to see Toyota getting back into the sporting car market.
  6. Not an original commentary but I've got to agree with someone on PH who said it seems a waste of a good engine. Sticking it in the gt86 might have made a better car and to not bother with this, whatever target audience it's for.
  7. Whether these things hit the spot or not at least the likes of Toyota, Hyundai, Honda etc are now knocking out some interesting stuff.......and that used to be Renault's territory.

    Have a look at Renaults sporting offering right now and it's a Twingo/Megane GT or an auto Clio 220. Not good. They spend too much time producing one off concept specials that never go into production while the showroom is bare.
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    I think it's pretty cool, but I've always been a Toyota fan. I wouldn't pay £26k for it, but you do get a lot of spec and it'd probably never break :blush:

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