250 WTF is this noise?

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  1. Hopefully someone on here has heard this noise before and can point me in the right direction.

    That was travelling at 50mph then going up to 60mph.

    Ive had my car looked at by a decent garage to try and figure out whats making a whining noise but they havent been able to figure it out yet and said to keep going until it gets louder. I initially thought it was the drivers side wheel bearing, but after the mechanics took that off to check it they said it feels perfect. They also took the drive shaft out (gearbox oil out) and said they oil looks clear with no signs of metal in it. The drive shaft bearing was replaced with a new one while they were at it but the noise remains.

    You can start to hear the noise from around 40mph onwards. Really noticeable at 60mph. It makes the noise no matter what gear you are in and in neutral (while coasting). It seems to be coming from the front and It doesn't get any louder when turning.

    Offside wheel bearing perhaps?
  2. I worry about car noises a lot and that would have me worried.

    Any feel through the wheel or pedals when the noise starts? Where does it sound like it's coming from directional wise, at the front; Left, right, middle?

    It sounds to me like, shaft or box related. Although as you've already had that looked at. Possibly try another garage to check the shafts and box?
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  3. Look at the driveshaft carrier bearing?
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  4. It sounds very much like front middle and no strange feel through the wheel or pedals at all. To be fair the garage I went to are probably the most experienced with RS Meganes in all of southern Ireland so I would'nt be hopeful that anyone else could diagnose it before them down here. Hopefully its shaft related and not box related. It will be a pain getting that repaired!

    I take it there are 2 of these?
  5. Normally these "what noise is this?" Thread doesn't come with a video and on the rare occasion they do it's not audible at all be it YouTube downgrading the quality or whatever. But your video the sound is clear and hopefully someone on here can help!

    Sorry I can't help anymore, but to me (I'm not a mechanic) it sounds rotational and shaft related.

    I hope you get it fixed and if you do, please come back and let us know what it is! You could help someone else in the future!

    Good luck mate.
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  6. Cheers Bowen! Ill post up the fix here when I get to the bottom of it
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  7. Hello Semtax, I have exactly the same issue! My cars going back to k-tec Friday! Did you manage to sort it in the end??
  8. Hi Ben. No im afraid mine hasnt been sorted yet. Its getting slightly worse as time goes. Ill give it another week or 2 before sending back to be looked at again.

    Post up your findings here if Ktec sort it for you!
  9. Will do, should be interesting to hear what ktec say about it!
  10. Any luck Ben?
  11. I get a whinning notice as well. Starts from about 30mph, seems to get louder as the speed increases.

    Mine isn't exactly the same as yours though, yours sounds louder to me. But I can't be sure.

    Took it to my local garage but the mechanic took it out for a drive and said he couldn't hear anything.

    Doesn't help that I have an induction kit, decat and cat back exhaust lol
  12. Probably no help whatsoever, but I had a sound that 100% sounded rotational and it turned out to be a loose / bent exhaust heat shield.

    Just in case it could be loose trim or something that you'd not expect.
  13. @Nigelo not a bad shout that, I've had a lot of exhaust work done, so it could be that
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  14. They said it's the diff bearings and gearbox bearings so they are putting a reconditioned box in next week! They have been very helpful so far! Will keep you posted
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  15. Thanks for your thoughts guys and cheers for that update Ben. Id be interested to see how much that works out at for the reconditioned gearbox fitted!
  16. That sounds expensive.

    I hope I don't have the same issue :neutral:
  17. Anyone else had any luck with this? Looking to get mine checked out today
  18. sold my one before it got expensive after having to replace all four discs and lower swivel bearings plus drivers side front wheel bearing thinking it was that that was making the noise on top of shelling out for a full service plus belts . ouch ! Hate to say it but it's much more stress free driving the new motor in silence without having that discernible whine which no one else says they can hear. thought I was going mad but judging by the posts it seems to be cropping up quite a lot on the forum.
  19. I have this kind of whining as well, my ball joints are new by the way ... It is weird it only follows the speed of the car, not the engine...

  20. That's the noise mine makes above 70mph
  21. Yeah I had my ball joints replaced last year sometime. Definitely been less than a year.

    Mine also gets louder with an increase in speed, at 30ish you can hear it slightly, at 50ish it's slightly louder and then at 70+ it's like the video I just posted
  22. Havent brought mine back to the garage yet as the noise hasnt increased that much, if at all, even though ive covered a few hundred miles.

    Does everyone else here who has it have the LSD?
  23. Yep I got a Cup so I have a LSD.

    Garage I took it too said it sounded like a gearbox/diff whine, so I'm getting my gearbox oil changed on Saturday. See if that fixes the issue.
  24. That has to be Gearbox or diff related !
  25. Yeah that's what my garage said. Getting my gearbox oil changed tomorrow.

    Then we'll see what happens.

    Got warranty, so hopefully they cover the cost if I need a new box :confused:
  26. Looking at some onboard laps at the Nurburgring I swear I can hear the same noise in other poeples cars:
  27. Yeah I can hear it from that video too.

    Can't be normal can it?

    Had my gearbox oil changed but it didn't fix the issue. It's definitely coming from the LSD/gearbox though
  28. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    The whining noise in the above is just noisy R tyres.
  29. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Mine used to whine like RHK3's as well at those speeds in 6th, Ended up being the bearings in the box. I just stuck another box in it mind you instead of getting it rebuilt. Not a massively expensive thing to do anyway, IIRC i was looking around 6/700 inc removal and refit.
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  30. Where did you get yours done Jamie?
  31. Hopefully my warranty company cover that. I'll have to call them today and find out what they say.

    Was the £600/£700 for just replacing the bearings or for the new box?
  32. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    That was just to rebuild the old box, I ended up just buying a cheaper used box with lower miles on it. It will no doubt need rebuilt at some point but ill do it and stick a gripper or Drexler diff in it at the same time
  33. @-Jamie- okay cool, thanks for the info. I'm assuming mine must be the bearings as well.

    So if my warranty company agree to paying for that, I'll get it done as soon as.
  34. So Im going down the route of getting the gearbox refurbished and new clutch kit put in while im at it. Its going to be north of £1400. Bit of a pain as ill be selling up soon :frowning:
  35. I'll be going down the same route too, at some point.
  36. So I can finally give this thread a resolution to my problem (Isnt always a pain in the hole when an OP doesnt post the fix).

    Gearbox bearing failure

    A few people posted this as the problem above so it might be something that eventually just happens to these cars? Ill be collecting it tomorrow morning so ill see how it feels now with a new clutch / refurbished box.
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  37. Hello Semtax,
    Yep picking mine up from k tec in the morning hopefully it will have solved the problem...too many people with this issue now needs to get sorted!
  38. @Semtax where did you get your box refurbished or did you buy a refurbished box?
  39. I got my own one refurbished. Ill get more details tomorrow on who did it and what needed doing in the gearbox but it was by a gearbox specialist in the South of Ireland (where i live) and was quoted around €650 for the repair if lots of components needed changing.
    I would guess any gearbox repair place should be able to do this though as its not like its a complex DSG from Audi / BMW etc
  40. Mine has seemed to cure itself. Had my gearbox oil changed in Feb, and over the last few weeks I noticed the noise has gone. Maybe the oil change helped.

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