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  1. if used on track you have to expect more wear on pretty much everything, its the front tie rods drop links and hubs that seem to wear quickest, worth it for the enjoyment tho.
  2. do the items you mentioned start to wear out and you can see they are starting to go or do they just fail?
  3. They just wear out, you get clonking from the anti rotational and drop links and with the hub bearing the steering won't self centre and it creaks
  4. Ok thanks Ian, I will have a listen out at Abingdon as it is sitting on the trailer at the mo ready to go
  5. Why ??? are you hearing strange noises or do you think you can, do you know when the hub bearings have been changed, these are a bit of a faff to do, but i keep a spare set of rebuilt hubs so i can just swap over if i think they are on the way out.
    Anti rotational links are easy ish to do if you have a 4inch disc cutter, very rarely been able to undo the nuts so i cut them off :laughing: well you'll ditch them anyway, saves time and knuckles :sunglasses:
  6. I tend not to notice noises with the car so will listen out more in future, on the clio I had the rear wheel bearing was well shot but when I owned it I just kept going and ignored it haha. I just want to keep on top of jobs with the trackdays booked quite frequently over the next few weeks
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  7. If you notice any noises turn up the stereo or get a louder exhaust :sunglasses:

    Still spaces for Tuesday 3rd at Spa, i am going over early and having a day at the ring on Sunday going to be busy and expensive week :sob:
  8. put my straight through pipes on again ha ha. I am at silverstone on the 2nd matey otherwise would have been good to get down to spa....hopefully next year. will get my french colleague with his american muscle car to go as well...hes based in paris.
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  9. Looking at doing a DN trackday at the ring next year, but i fancy Assen, Le Mans or such like
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  10. i fancy getting over to some of the french circuits as well
  11. will have a look around the new year then, i got a couple of deals by booking early
  12. He certainly does not own that car with that reg
  13. Oh right. Pretty sure it was for sale recently.
  14. it was..i saw it on pistonheads
  15. and gumtree, i did a search on google images and it brought it up....funny that

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