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  1. So went by a local'ish dealer today to have a look at an Sti. The looks have grown on me over the last month or so with the only angle I cannot get right in my head is the front wings. The rest of the car is smooth and bulging, but the front wings have crease lines...strange.

    Anyhoo, never got a test drive which is what I was really after, but the interesting thing was getting into a debate with the salesman over the best car for trackdays, where I found myself getting annoyed as he dismissed the trophys dynamics as french and the impreza is best bang for buck. Which is not the case, but expected as he was trying to sell me one.

    I did ask about the end of model run out Sti, where I just got waffle about it being a collectors item which will appreciate in value. A limited run and all sold apparently (?) Sorry but I don't see it. So off to a dealer I have already bought a couple of Sti's from in the past for a sensible chat. There is also a Hunda dealer on the way that has a CTR. That's the weekend taken care of.

    Being honest I think the Meg will stay and just be joined with something else, but got that 'change the car' itch going on. But I feckin hate dealing was car salesmen.
  2. Out of those two, Honda. The Sti is still stuck in the past. Maybe the Sti as a used buy.
  3. When I looked at some golf gti club sports there was only one there with a different spec to what I wanted and they wouldn't let me drive the thing. Prats. They pretty much lost a sale as a result.

    At ford, when I drove the focus RS the guys were young lads and very helpful and let me give it s good drive albeit not in sport mode (for insurance reasons I was told??) however they had that same attitude about the megane "I bet that feels rubbish now after the RS" and I simply replied "actually no it's a better car in my opinion!"

    Dealers can be chumps and that's normally why I end up buying privately as you don't have to deal with the nonsense. The best dealer experience I had was at Lotus. Smoking hot blonde girl let me have two fantastic test drives and was really knowledgeable about the cars and wasn't dismissive or patronising. Sadly at the time I couldn't afford the exige but it's left me wanting one and I have experience the downright outrageous level of acceleration in them. It was excellent!

    I'm going to keep the Meg I think for the while as none of the new breed of hot hatches are that much better to warrant the extra level of financial commitment required to change. They're bloody fantastic machines! I'm intrigued to know what the new one is like

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  4. Dealers can be so hit and miss. I've been refused test drives in the past. Almost unbelievable really. My local Ford dealer won't allow test drives in used sporting cars because a potential customer crashed one. Surely that's what insurance is for?

    Interesting on the RS. When I drove one on the Silverstone launch, the track instructor in the car said he thought the Megane was better. Horses for courses I think though. I like the Focus, it's pretty unique in the market.
  5. Car salesmen.....only rated by the amount of bullshite they deliver.

    The whole new car dealership buying process embroiled in the predictable sales routine and typical Mexican type standoff based on how much wonga they can screw out of a potential punter needs to change.

    Unfortunately it won't, because they are there to make as much money as they can out gullible punters lured into their shark infested lair. There's a reason why they rank at about the same level as Traffic Wardens and Estate Agents.
  6. That's the niggle I have that, to get something that is close to the driving experience of the meg, does not justify the premium that a Golf, Focus, CTR all carry. This 'your car is shit' attitude always turns me off. And the other one is when they look down their nose and dismiss you not being able to afford these premium hatches. How do they know what your able to spend. A massive difference between being able to spend and willing to spend.
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  7. They arent a charity. Its a business and business only works by making a profit.
  8. Lots of business make a profit and sell products without the need to position a negotiating arse at the front end of the buying process. It's why the online car buying Carwow type buying has taken off. No need to endure the salemens obsequious bull.

    Also most people buy new on a PCP now, so the profit is all tied up and hidden in the finance and the 'attractive' monthly payment on the 'set' deal. All that have to do now is try and peddle a more expensive deal on a better car or flog useless extras. They have honed their art.
  9. When I need a slash and a free coffee, I just call into a Mercedes dealership. Sometimes they even have cake. Better than going to McDonalds.
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  10. try that in a audi dealership..the coffee, and the use of the bog will be classed as `extras` at eye widening cost.
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  11. If you just need a dump, Porsche is pretty good. Nice towels and soap.
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  12. WELL I HOPE YOU DID THE DECENT THING!!....and pinched a few towels etc.
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  13. I was tempted with a roll of the double quilted....
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  14. I echo the sentiments about dealers. I went to a Porsche garage for a look and got ignored competently. Probably because I rocked up in the Meg. For all they knew I could've had five Porsche's at home. Poor show. I've learned from experience never to judge a book by its cover, but most of these guys do. Their loss anyways! [emoji847] I will buy a 911 at some point but it will be from a company who have a respectable approach to their customers. I went to one down in Chichester and the guy there was excellent. I'd drive the 200 miles to buy a car from him based on that alone.

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  15. My mate runs the computer dept at our local hospital,and his wife is a Inspector in the police..So they certainly have a quid or 2.
    He has had E46 M3,then a Porshe cayman,then a Bmw 330d..all serviced by our local BMW main dealer.

    And yet when he inquired about test driving the M2 or a 335i,they never even called him back!
    Why?..a quick look at who he is,and the cars he has had serviced at that fkn dealership ,would have given some strong indications he has the cash.

    Bought a fully specced 7.5 Golf R instead...
  16. imagine explaining that one to the police..`excuse me sir...why do you have 6 toilet rolls rammed inside your coat`...ummm.
  17. Back on that Sti - Honda thingy, not the result you would expect here.......

  18. I don't really understand the 'what car is faster' obsession that goes on. Yeah it's cool to have a car that's slightly quicker under test conditions, but these are not what car ownership is all about or how I choose my briefs.

    For me it's how it drives day to day, the event of sitting in it and starting it up and how it flows on our shit roads. Then the occasional trackday where I dont really care if its faster or slower that joe bloggs in his 'whatever', as i get on track to enjoy my car in my own space. If it makes me smile and want more then winner winner...chicken dinner..

    If I do want it to go faster I can waste my money and tweak the bits that improve it for my own driving enjoyment.
  19. Surprising the Rs Focus was faster round the track than the Honda.Even though its more powerful,you would think its weight would slow it down on the track.That STI looks like a old Evo 10.
  20. I reckon the boots can make the difference. The Focus is available with the Cup 2.
  21. Track times are only part of it for sure, but you wouldn't be sitting in a hot hatch if performance, handling and an element of kudos wasn't part of the ownership thing. A Twingo RS flows well down a road, feels good but ultimately maybe just doesn't have big enough balls.

    I reckon a used Sti with a few tweaks could be nice, plus not many about and that's a big thing, breaking out of the relentless and predictably boring BMW and Audi obsession people now have.
  22. Kudos in a Renault...yeah right :tearsofjoy: :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: the new skoda of europe
  23. Did you buy that yellow Megane Aerofoil?
  24. A 275 Trophy cuts it with those in the know.
  25. I dont give a fk what badge is on the front if it handles well.
    The flack i got for buying a ford puma 1.7..`hairdressers car etc`

    One of those rare cars that is a complete package,even down to its huge boot.
    Its still sat in the garage waiting to be restored to its former glory..one day.
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  26. A Puma 1.7 is another kudos motor. So much right about them. Keep it well tucked up. Your average Audi owner is too busy wondering if they can managed to fund a Q7 instead of a Q5 next time.
  27. A friend of mine has a 1.7 Puma. It's done 50k but was only £300. They're great little cars and can surprise much more expensive machinery on track. Always had a soft spot for them.
  28. They say a guy who was once at Porsche ran the puma project...and cant you tell.
    As you say..they are utterly worthless at the moment,but will go down a twisty road as thrilling as anything out there.
    Its actually cheaper to buy whole cars than parts!
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  29. The swift sport i have now,i think, is the closest modern hatch to it.
    .its a similar package,apart from comedy small boot,and the engine isnt as sweet.
  30. Personally I don't give a flying fcuk what people think of me or my car so long as I like it. Anyone with sense or appreciation of real drivers cars generally compliment it. I did have a girl scoff at me when I was talking to her at a wedding about it "oh renault is shit bmw is way better" yes if you are boring AF! [emoji23] M cars exempt lol

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  31. If i had a pound for everytime i have heard`oh..you own a Renault..how long does is spend being repaired then?`,
    i would have £29.

    People still get caught up with the `its a renault,so its unreliable` crap of old.

    My R26 has NEVER broke down in 10 years.
  32. It's an annoying stereotype, though I have to say the ones I've owned haven't been great.

    The Clio needed seat covers replacing 3 times and gearbox once. Paint had drips in it and kangaroo'd like a bronco.
    The Meg hasn't even done 50k and the clutch master went so that was a gearbox out and while paying the labor had to have them replace all the consumables and dmf. It also needed both ball joints replacing, all in maybe ~3k or so on repairs over 4 years not including the usual maintenance that is to be expected.

    Battery also went very suddenly, though not sure I can blame that on the car or Renault so scrap that off the list.

    Neither had wheels painted properly from the factory.

    Not amazing on two young cars, the Clio was a 10 plate and Meg is a 61. I don't think my next car will be a Renault but replacing it will be difficult for a while.
  33. Funny this is I've owned French cars Japanese cars and an Audi and the Audi lost boost for some reason. The Honda was spot on to be fair and the French cars were all flawless with the exception of a rusted exhaust on my berlingo but that's hardly ground breaking! The irony is all the cars I see broken down when I was driving on the m25 everyday were mercs BMW's, Audi and vauxhalls and the odd really old clio. But an old clio is old. A newish bmw should not break!

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  34. So aerofoil, have you finally bought a Megane?

    I recognise the picture. That liquid yellow one was for sale very recently. Ive got to say its my favourite colour.
  35. Had a 1.6 Cit VTS recently, absolute blast. Popped some Billys on it, decent brakes and tyres, spent most of its time above 5000 rpm. Light, fun and hung on in the bends like Teresa May. Left it everywhere and anywhere and never worried about it.
  36. i had 2 106gti`s in the past..turn in that could catch the unwary out,it was so sharp,and would hit 135mph back in 1996!
    Amazing car up to 80mph..then you needed to be brave with its twitchy ass.
  37. Know a guy who is a ford tech..
    he says they have all kinds of trouble with the 1.0 litre turbo they chuck in everything these days.
    These high powered outputs from small engines must be a huge strain on them.

    I wonder what sort of mileage they expect before they give up..bet its not the quater of a million miles you used to get from the average ford lump straight out the ark!
  38. I was asked when i was at Spa in April "how are you getting home" i am driving why ???? "it's a Renault it will break down" is that why you are trailering your BMW then :laughing:
  39. I don't know all this Beemer bashing, all of mine have always been really good, both cars and bikes....the most unreliable car i have had was a XJR Supercharged Jag, timing chains went, head gasket went, 2 x suspension, front wheel bearings every year and all quite pricey jobs. had these two Renaults now and both have had clutches go this year. build quality on a Renault is nowhere near that of a beamer and the Renault spares are really quite pricey too. But it makes a great car on track and puts a smile on my face.
  40. The one thing about French cars is that at least if (or when) they do break, they aren't hideously expensive to repair unlike the vag group cars.

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