Would You Swap Your Petrol For Electric?

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by danmc_82, Sep 11, 2021.

  1. I know this is early days yet, but if they brought out a Megane Sport/Alpine (whatever they'll call it) in electric, would you change from fossil fuel?

    I personally wouldnt for a very long time as I just love the sound my R26 makes. An electric doesnt sound fun at all. Even the money saving aspect wouldn't tempt me.
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    Yes I would.
    But, only if they have the same useability as a used internal combustion powered car. I wouldn't buy be because I can't afford and or don't want to pay that much money
  4. After so many years of hanging out with a Renault cars I think that's exactly what I need. Without drama and noise it is finally possible to have a car that does not fart and has very very good performance. I just don't need fake noise , I need performance and comfort without unnecessary vibrations and especially without falsely generated engine sounds.
    New sport fossil cars tries to imitate something like Ev with their special automatic gearboxes and soft without jerks and super fast shifting. Farting ? Stupid screens with unnecessary nonsense are icing on the cake . Image of the car on the screen and the various graphics that should remind you to drive a sports car are ridiculous. I don't like this fashion.
    I'm sorry, but I don't understand these trends. I believe that the last twitches outdated fossil car industry, which has nothing good to offer anymore.

    An analog sports car with a real old fashion gearbox is something I respect and want to have. I choose EV for every day.
    I hope to buy one soon. Unfortunately not Renault. They are obsolete in the beginning.
    When that happens I don't sell my 225 !
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  5. Try to calculate how much gasoline my 225 used for 280,000 km. Well, that's just expensive if you ask me.
  6. Mr Spoon

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    ok, so 6l per 100km average and thats low. £1.50/litre.

    280,000 / 6 = 46,666 * by £1.50 = £70,000.

    Lets say your 225 is a late one, so 2008. Thats 13 years.

    £70,000/13 = £5,384.

    Average electric car price of £44,000, without running costs, you could use your planet killing 225 for a further 8.17 years, assuming same average mileage. Now if your 225 is older than 2008, it makes the figures better. Its unlikely to be newer.

    Now take into consideration the co2 and nox levels used to make an electric vehicle which is approx 17 tonnes. An average car emits 45 tonnes over 160,000 miles, which means, the car you already have, that has spent the initial cost of emission production,

    160,000/ 45tonnes = 3,555miles per tonne. 257,459km / 45 tonnes = 5,721km per tonne. * 17 for the leccie vehicle, you get 60,444 miles (97,262km's) before you use the initial emission tonnage just purchasing the electric car. (they aren't 0 emissions annually either tyres, mechanical parts, electricity.)

    So, with the above calculations, you could drive your car, an average of a third of its life that you already have before you even break even with the emissions.

    of course if you spec a Tesla with a higher purchase price, the figures are even more waited towards internal combustion and keeping ones older car.

    now in reality, I would be amazed if you continued to use the car at such a rate, but even if you did, you will always have the initial slug of emissions, followed by maintenance and another slug at battery replacement or another new vehicle.

    Keep in mind, my figures are worked out on an average of 6L per 100km used of fuel and £1.50/litre average. In reality it would be less on both fronts.
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  7. Very good, but not everything is like that.
    First my car consumes a minimum of 11.5l / 100km. I have been driving it since 2005. I need engine replace or refurbish. I have nightmares when I need to convince a mechanic to fix it.
    I don't ask them for the price. They again think it is not worth it. And then persuasion. The trick is to convince him that this is a new car. I also need a seat to make it look like new.

    The battery on the Tesla certainly lasts longer than my engine.
    Hmm 480hp Model 3 performance sounds tempting. Especially when the rollers show 520hp
    In my country you can register a car without a catalytic converter. Just imagine what our air is like and everyone drives mostly diesels. The state is pretending to be silly and allows it all. It pays more for them that way.The laws on the subject are very loose. Noise and Nox from diesel are no longer funny at all.
    After 300 000 km Tesla still does not pollute. And there is another difference. Electricity is not produced directly in the city. Nox, which produces worn-out cars, is right where it shouldn't be in the city. Or not ?
    Yes and of course if it is mandatory to have a multi media screen at least it would have a real and not that funny thing from the megane 4. Excuse me but i really hate that cheap Megane screen

    For the end . Imagine how much oil, belts, clutches, spark plugs, injectors I used. We didn’t count any of that.

    Probably the new Megane Rs will not be made anymore. It's going to be weird. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong.

    I almost forgot. If they make a new megane rs it must have an even bigger sign on front bumper . I don’t know what to call that huge miracle on the bumper that grows from year to year.
  8. No, too early in it’s stage. What’s a affordable hot hatch going to be 40-50k. Imagine trying to sell an fiesta st for over 30K. A 90k Tesla s isn’t affordable to the majority nor is a £900 pcp monthly deal for it. I’m more interested in how will tuning company’s try to mod them. Add extra batteries. It can be as fast as it likes but if it isn’t fun to drive then I don’t want it.
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  9. Mr Spoon

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    The point i am making, just to be clear, buying any new vehicle adds substantial emissions to the environment, before we have even driven it. The best thing for the planet is to use alternative technology, but we are kidding ourselves if we think this is penalty free. Ultimately, once this period of penalty is over, the effects will start to take place. Untill then, its still better to use existing vehicles, regardless of emissions as they have already been built and emissions production cost spent.
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  10. The real worry is ,whatever we do in this country,its at tiny dent in worldwide emissions of co2.
    The real culprits like america,china,russia and india will never be any part of a crack down on co2 output.
    In the case of mass population countrys,while still technologically inferior on the whole..they simply have no alternative,or the means to change burning coal etc.
    Chinas emissions, with all its coal fuelled power stations is staggering.

    If global warming is accelerating at the rate some say it is..then god help us all.
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  11. I find that electric cars look stupid, i hate that they put those horrid wheels on them, make them look like the petrol version and ill be abit more sold on looks.

    Its proven currently that Electric doesnt save you money due to the costs etc so ill leave that out for now.

    Would I swap my 265 for an electric sports car... currently no but this is mainly due to range. on track a decent tesla will last half a day and take a good hour to charge on a super charger if you had one available.

    However i did watch a video of that nurburg guy taking a tweaks model s out, it went really well and did around 7 seconds which could have been improved further quite easily.

    I think ill need another 5-10 years of development to get me into a fun electric car, as a daily it wouldnt make much difference for me.
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