265 Working OBD2 oil temperature

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  1. I will be testing this also next week.. got me an android phone and just purchased the torque pro and renault addon.
  2. Tested oil temp and it's working.. Torque roks :smile:
  3. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    I'm actually surprised that Scan Gauges don't display this info either.

    I'm developing my own at the moment, and took a look at the PIDs that the OBD2 device can read and one of them is in fact, oil temp, so no idea why the scan gauge doesn't read it :/
  4. There is a way with the ScanGuage 2 to program extra gauges but there is nothing on their web site for any Renault models.
  5. Done a quick test all seems good.. only just got the add on so not tested the oil temp yet but should be ok... the turbo preassure seems to read wrong though.. I'll get a screenshot one of these days.
  6. Also transmission and Coolant temps... are they supposed to be the same?
  7. There wont be a sensor for transmission temps.
  8. Ah ok... will remove that one lol
  9. Torque can be used only on Android OS. DashCommand can be used on iOS and is similar (sort of). The Renault plugin can be used for more than oil temp only, but for me that was the reason to install. I've contacted the developer and he has plans to make the plugin work for more Renault engine types.
  10. I've found torque in the app store so it must work on iPhone too i guess? Don't want to risk spending €5,50 for nothing though! Will The Renault plug-in also work with dashcommand?
  11. I cant see oil temp on my r26... and I think boost is wrong too :worried:
  12. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    Boost will be negative when idle.
  13. whats the reason for something like this?
  14. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    When it's on idle, the engine is sucking air (which means it's a vacuum) hence the figure below 0. When under load, the turbo is forcing air in and the pressure that it is doing that as is the boost pressure.

    The figure comes from the calculation you have to use to work out the boost pressure.

    Off the top of my head, I think you subtract the atmospheric pressure which is 1bar (ish).
  15. I wonder where the OEM-specific PID's in these manufacturer plugins for Torque where obtained from?
  16. DV8


    Sorry to dig up this old thread - does anyone know what the Oil Temp PID's are?

    I have the OBD Fusion app and adapter which has the option to add your PIDs. Everything works fine but Oil temp doest and there isnt a renault addon for this app.
  17. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    It's not a measured reading it's calculated so not that accurate.

    There's an add on for torque that I used that had the pid for it but I'm sure it was under a different engine code for a laguna or something obscure
  18. DV8


    Sadly the Fusion app doesn't have Renault available, not even as an add on. I can still see actual water temp in degree's C so it's handy for that at least

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