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  1. Just to let you know, on this German forum ( http://www.m3.meganeboard.de/viewtopic.php?f=6&p=252339 ) they discribe a way to get the oil temperature working on the (OBD2) Torque app. But not only oil temp.
    Basically, you have to buy the plugin from the Play Store, ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ideeo.rnadvanced) add it in Torque, choose the Laguna (M4R) engine type, add the oil temp display and then it should work, as the pictures show. I bought the plugin myself and I will test it tomorrow.
    I'll let you know.

  2. Doesn't sound promising.
  3. Total newbie to all of this how do you get the data from car to phone, Bluetooth of do you need to link it to the port under the radio? Cheers
  4. Ecu port
  5. Depends on if you have an iphone or android or just a laptop , but basics are you need an OBDii reader that plugs into the diag/OBD port on your car under the radio and then a laptop or phone with appropriate software.
  6. I've an android primarily, any recommendations for the readers, not to expensive I hope
  7. It's seems to be working. This temperature is only after a minute or so. I can't insert a screenshot for some reason, will try later on.
  8. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Im just away to test this to see if it works, Will report back shortly :wink:
  9. Can these clear service lights?
  10. Would be interested to hear how it goes fella
  11. It looks right, so for me it works :smile:!
  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Works fine for me as well
  13. Not bad, so practically buy a cheap odb2 bluetooth adapter, hook it up to the car, get a cheap android phone with carset, get torque app wit Renault addon and your good to go :smile: no need for fancy external added meters.. external meters are nice but the installation is probably not so easy.
  14. Press and hold down the button on the right end stalk and switch the ignition on (don't turn the engine on) once you hold it down for about 10 - 20 seconds the service light should switch off :smile:
  15. Excellent cheers mate ^
  16. What odb port scanners are people using... i've read the slightly more expensive ones are quicker to respond with the app than the chraper ones??
  17. I'll let you know how my gets on when it appears
  18. I have a "regular" ELM327 port scanner I bought from a autoparts webshop for about 25 euro.
  19. Sales pitch or people justifying their purchase, never had issues with my cheap one and no perceivable delay other than that caused by the phone. They probably all run off the same chip inside and the only difference is the case/packaging and price.
  20. Toube the one you have what protocol is that... elm or stn?
  21. I ordered the stn but I haven't received it yet.
  22. Does anyone know if this works on a 225??
  23. Is that the one you posted earlier in this thread?
  24. The STN version could be worth a purchase at some point in the future. Might try for a tablet install, probably a nexus 7 running torque.
  25. I've got the Renault Advance plug in working and getting some feeds of it e.g. fuel % age left but I when I add engine oil temp it doesn't register a temperature. I have the laguna M4R engine selected and several of the feeds are working but not oil temp. Has anyone had this issue and able to suggest where I'm going wrong? Thanks
  26. Did you add the "[RADV] VVT Oil Temperature" sensor, because that's the one that is working.
  27. Thanks for response. The only RADV sensor I have in the list is "injector duty cycle". Do you have Laguna M4R as you car type? Not sure what else to try other than perhaps and reinstall..
  28. Then something must have gone wrong because there's quite a RADV sensor list, like the screenshot in the Google Play Store. Yes, I selected M4R as car model and laguna in "select vehicle". Maybe you should try reinstall.
  29. Reinstalled. Now working :-) looking forward to testing in the morning...
  30. Ordered a cheaper one off amazon about £12 to test this app.. is the renault adv necessary.. or is it mainly for the oil gauge?
  31. Will still do 95% of everything without it, I guess the extra app/plugin just adds some specific PIDs which if you could be bothered to scan with the device you might find them anyway. Was going to do that myself but gave trying to get the panel off....
  32. Anyone has this on his iPhone? Is the extra renault plugin only needed for oil temp? So if i'm right, this app does everything the Scangauge does?
  33. I thought it was only an android app?
  34. Anyone using this on a Galaxy note2.. if so anyone use the video recorder and what clamp you using to keep the phone steady?

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