wont go into reverse

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  1. hi all I've just bought a megane 225 54 plate the cars been standing for 5 years it ran and drove perfect before it was parked up ive changed all fluids apart from gearbox oil I tried to move it the other day but It wont go into gear it's a bit stiff for gears 1 to 6 and wont go into reverse at all could this be a linkage problem or down to bad oil or just seized cable any help would be appreciated thanks :smile:

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  2. Try putting it into gear, then pushing the start button, sounds like the plate is stuck to the flywheel.
    does the peddle feel right.
  3. I’d put my money on the linkage on top of the gearbox. Is the gear lever stiff side to side or forward and backwards?
  4. the car does go into gear with a little bit of force I managed to move it forward a little bit not long ago but no reverse the pedal feels ok
  5. its stiff side to side and when putting it in gear
  6. I put it in all gears and released the clutch slightly and I bites with every gear
  7. Clutch is worn out then, or there is a small amount of air in the system, wedge the peddle down for a couple of hours or overnight and release the peddle slowly, if its still the same the clutch needs replacing
  8. ok cheers mate I'll give it a go I'll check the linkage aswell as it's been standing blast it with wd40
  9. Theres nylon bush somewhere in the gear selector/links that swells up, needs removing and drilling out.
  10. The plastic insert has a 10mm hole which the bolt goes through. Remove battery and tray. Remove the insert, and drill out with 10.1mm drill. Grease/refit. Mine now feels like a new gearbox.

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