250 Window Dropping When Winding uP

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  1. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    Hi all,

    I’m having some issues with my passenger side window. Whenever I wind it up it clicks and drops a few mm. once I had it fail on me completely and drop all the way down (but it was still controlled??). No issues when it goes down, only does it when going up.

    Has anyone had this issue before and got any tips/advice? Or is it looking like a new mechanism?
  2. Would have to take your door card off and check it, probably best place to start
  3. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    Going to have a look at the weekend, need to replace the check strap so I'll be removing it anyway. Read something on here about holding the 'wind up' button for 30 seconds to reset it. Not sure how that would work though.
  4. A good 10 seconds is all that is needed

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