Widebody 300hp fiesta

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  1. Hi, thought I would share my 275 trophy's stablemate, my fiesta st180. Now runs 300hp and 350Ibsft. Had it 3 yrs and bought pre reg. Love this wee monster.
    Spec from ground up
    235 40 17 falken fk453 tyres
    Custom made 17x9 WORKemotion 11r wheels in ford fitment.
    Tein street advance coilovers
    Ksport 6 pots
    Abwmotorsport 30 mill arch extensions
    Trc front and side splitters with ezlip
    Sappire cossie 4x4 genuine vents
    Maxton rear spoiler extension bonded into stock item
    Stripped interior
    Mirco rts seats and luke harnesses
    Alcantara trimmed wheel
    R Sport cooler
    Itg long cais
    X27 hybrid turbo with upgrades turbosmart actuator and Bov
    Miltek sports cat and exhaust with focus rs hangers.
    Ttv high torque grp n clutch (first application) lughtweight singlemass flywheel.
    Quaife atb differential
    Evolutionchips live mapped on the road at 1.7 bar 26psi

    IMG_20171228_083219_109.jpg IMG_20171224_132457_828.jpg IMG_20171220_081356_745.jpg IMG_20171130_142652_222.jpg
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  2. I like the look of that, nice one. Must feel quicker than the Meg with those kind of mods?
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  3. It looks very purposeful. But I dont like the big sticker down the side.
  4. It weighs 1140 kilos so it's power to weight is 263hp per ton. The meg is about 200. The fiesta is in a different league.
    @DoubleD yeah I'm tempted to take that off. I put it in to advertise the garage that built it at fordfair on the fastford mag stand
  5. I like that a lot. I always think the standard ST looks a bit "tall", so the arches make a big difference on this one.

    The tuning potential in these is bonkers too. The standard engine seems so over engineered.
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  6. It does look smart. I bet its a riot to drive.
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  7. These things are rapid in standard form so this...!!!!!!

    I love them and still think it’s the best handling car I’ve driven! So light and nimble but rapid!
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  8. Yeah the engine is good up to 400 with stock internals apparently. The weak point is the gearbox and clutch. Had my box rebuilt a couple of months ago, reverse, 1st and 2nd were on the way out. Would love a straight cut box.
  9. Some interior shots and engine bay 045.jpg 049.jpg 051.jpg 039.jpg
  10. That looks nicely done and can imagine it’s a lot of fun. How did it feel because re you put the diff in? Assuming it’s t was built in stages.
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  11. The diff and brakes were the first main thing done, diff made a massive difference, it now pulls round a corner under acceleration instead of pushing forward. Every fwd performance car should have one in my opinion. It has gotten to this point over 2yrs so yeah done in stages. I ran it with a mountune stage 1 for a yr while it was my daily driver.
  12. Great bit of kit. :sunglasses:
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  13. NJH


    Mega. I suspect something like this will clean up in the new CSCC turbo hot hatch series, either that or some 500 Hp tuned VAG thing.
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  14. Those arches make it look like a mini focus RS, if only ford had:

    A. Offered a nice shade of blue
    B. Didn't bottle it on the bodywork

    Looks like an absolute riot to drive!
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