White 250/265/275 Findon A24 with CUP plate

Discussion in 'Spotted!' started by NotaDiesel!!!, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Seen it today about 14:30.

    I was on my bike.

    My wife has spotted also when she has been out in her car.
  2. Seen this again Friday lunch timd passing waitrose in worthing. Sounded good.

    Definately an earlier car. 250 probably.
  3. Not seen this about. Only ever seen you. More times than I post too.
  4. I have been keeping a low profile too. Doing hardly any miles usually cycling. My daughter stopped swimming lessons so no Rusty run on Sat am.

    Did you notice my plate? My only modification.
  5. Yes. From memory cup something?
    Don’t see many of these in the area so yours really stands out.
  6. Indeed we are thin in the ground. I pride myself on spotting most stuff but I can't recall seeing you. You pulling the black stealth card.

    If you were a blue focus rs. That would be a different matter 2 or 3 a day.

    I probable see more lambo's or mclarens than meg rs.

    Don't see many civic type r. Given we have a Honda dealership local I am surprised unless there customer base is average age 70.
  7. The Honda garage that I work at.
    Not too many R’s locally. I’ve sold a couple to “retired” folk. Age is but a number.
  8. Haha.

    So you have just moved premises? How long you been with Honda? Were you at John Cooper in ferring?

    How does civic compare to the meg? And how does the fk8 compare to its predecessor?

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