What would you drive if you didn't have your Meg?

Discussion in 'Other Automotive Brands' started by R26Chris, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. As above, what would you be driving if you didn't have your Meg? What else out there would tempt you? Having just smashed a tyre in a pothole I fancy something like a Nissan Navara!
  2. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    Would have got another Clio after writing off my 172. Probably would have gone for a 200 though.
  3. I would be tempted by the Mazda 3MPS.
  4. I'd be in a 911 , soon
  5. Prob a ff 200 with the cup pack and Recaros. Or still in the 350z.
  6. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    I was looking at 120d Bm's before I got mine. Probably one of those.
    Made the right choise mind :wink:
  7. Dan


    I'd go back to a 911 GT3 or I must say I fancy a Cayman R.
  8. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    535d latest version
  9. Mazda
  10. I'd be driving a mk5 Astra vxr if I didn't get the megane so let's all be thankful I never done that. But If i didn't have it now I'd like to have one of the 240 bhp audi s3..in orange
  11. If I wasn't married, lived by myself and had enough money I'd have something completely stupid. TVR or RX7 single turbo.
    I have a work car so running costs irrelevant if I don't drive it much.
  12. A tank. That way if anyone damages my car in a car park I can get my own back.
  13. Lotus exige (charger!) or a 350z....thanks.
  14. R32 vw or a mk2 focus RS
  15. I really fancy a TVR chimaera but it might be a bit crap as a daily driver. I'd love a convertible, so perhaps a 3.0si Z4. Or a complete change to a truck like a Navara! Don't see that it would cost any more to run than the meggy.
  16. Like this one! Or a military humvee!
  17. Big red top nova lol
  18. How's my old blue Megane going? :smile: he looking after it?
  19. Yeah I think so. I haven't seen him for ages.
  20. Ask if he want to sell it :wink:
  21. New Focus RS or maybe just a plain dirty Diesel
  22. It would have to be a M3 CSL
  23. Would love a lotus, but probably have an s2000.
  24. Evo 8/9 is what i'm saving for atm... so probably one of them lol.
  25. Markblack@MRS

    Markblack@MRS RSM Trader

    My good old astra van for now!
    RS4 or Evo 8 next
  26. I'm hankering after a 911 or an M5!
  27. Id love a 911 gt3 rs 4.0 but it'll be a few years before I can afford one of those! :worried:

    The next car will be either an s2000 or a 911 of some description, or a Cayman. I have a major rwd itch to scratch....!
  28. A mint Williams Clio. Always wanted one. It was what got me into Renaults in the first place. Was always a Ford fan before.
  29. Probably a focus rs. Hate the interior and hate the over the top styling but mmmmm that Volvo 5-pot is lovely.

    OR a very original mk4 supra with manual box and the TT engine. Preferably in red with leather interior :smile:.
  30. Lol. I don't think he would. It's one of his dream cars.
  31. Clio R27 probs!
  32. I'd absolutely adore a supra. They've aged incredibly well.
  33. Probably another focus rs
  34. Probably still my Megane Coupe. I wasn't planning on changing it before i saw my R26.

    At present there are no cars out there that tickle my fancy.
  35. I really dislike the image Audi's have and would strugle to enjoy one thats not an S or RS but lately I've been really drawn to the RS3 for the missus.

    I drive my works van everywhere and wouldnt change that for anything. Its nippy enough for about town, 550-600 miles to a tank and you can abandon it any parking space and not worry about it.
  36. Destroyed my dream of Elise/exige when I got in one.
    long legs, couldn't get my foot on the clutch without knocking it out of gear :worried:
  37. i had a shot of a friends and it was great fun just egging you on to push and push but anymore the 15mins behind the wheel I'd be in agony and that's before I attempt to get my 6'2 none flexible arse out over that sill.
  38. I was looking at cars a few months ago & had decided on a new focus Rs. But then I decided I wanted a bit of comfort too so started looking at c63 amg's. but then I saw a 2011 m3 competition in mineral white & ended up buying that instead. I still have my blue meg for now but I have recently bought another to builds track car to put my forged engine in.
  39. Before a bought my 250 I was looking at S4 Avants with the view to map it to 400bhp.

    I couldn't justify sending twice as much on a car especially when there is plenty of work needing done to our house.

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