What I replaced the 250 with

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  1. Since owning it's had a good polish, rear tints and a new exhaust. zyga8ute.jpg sygymepe.jpg
  2. Awesome car. Got a real soft spot for the new jags...
  3. Very elegant car. Well done.
  4. MicKPM

    MicKPM RSM Trader RSM Trader

    What engine? I also love these
  5. Supercharged V8 judging by the badge :wink:
  6. Yep, the 4.2 S/C V8 found in a load of other jags/ford based cars. They made about 400 of these before the 5.0 V8 XFR.

    Thanks for the nice comments too. It's a lot different to the Megs, but they'll always have a soft spot!
  7. sounds ace, goes very fast. very shiny.

    but its an old mans car ;-)
  8. To be fair, you are old and should be driving a Volvo.
  9. I like this one, as you know, but just couldn't find one I liked (I think it's a colour thing - all the other colours I saw apart from yours made the Jag look a bit crap), hence going for the Audi! I will start my own "What I bought after the Meg thread..." next week....
  10. Ooh.. Send some details :smile:

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