What have you done to your Car today?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Strell2, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    yesterday had a few bits done

    aux belt
    rear axle bushes
    decat removed/sports cat fitted
    aircon reinstalled (pipes, condensor, dryer, pump)
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  2. Finally got the correct an ELM327 cable to use ddt4all to get rid of the “error prog” due to different options in the previous car on the new cluster ..all thanks to Charlie Howard :smile:

    So got the RS 265 speedo cluster fitted to my RS 250. Was simply for the white needle over the original one so I can see how fast I am going lol

    Nice to have the mph digital display and changed tpms to psi instead of bar :smile:

    Took ages to find a cluster with lower mileage than my car but eventually found one


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  3. Went to Engine Dynamics and got the car mapped for all the mods. Well chuffed and highly recommend Andy at Engine Dynamics. 313.8bhp/337ftlb

    20210623_150605.jpg 20210623_150549.jpg 20210623_145843.jpg 20210623_145812.jpg
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  5. How 'easy' was it to do this?
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  6. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    i cheated, i took it to awmotorworks
  7. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    fitted 2x new handbrake tubes and fitted a new front subframe/radiator cross member
  8. Ceramic coated the car. Bugs and all
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  9. Spent a few hours cleaning both meganes.......


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  10. The yellow one as the white one is Mrs spoons. Doesn't get much cleaning.
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  11. Im not a big fan of cleaning my car tbh. The interior I clean as I go so it always looks imaculate. The exterior I could leave for months.
  12. Well, I cleaned the exterior today. Took about 40 minutes. Needs to look pretty for its full service tomorrow + air con.
  13. Had its service yesterday. Air con topped up and no leaks. Had plugs, filters, oil changed.

    My pads are 50% and 70% so I'll have them changed for its next MOT in December. Will take the oppurtunity to buy better pads. They recommened yellow backs.

    Tyres have 4mm and 6mm left
  14. i did this :smile: just needs testing

    36.jpg 40.jpg
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  15. A quick wash. Took a couple photos and put on a sticker. 20211003_124638.jpg
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  16. Completed the short shift mod and touched up the chipped paint on the wheels.
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  17. 20211114_212843.jpg
    Custom Shift Knob done. Well mark 1. It's a bit bigger than I thought I ordered but with the short shift it doesn't feel too bad.
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  18. Who doesn't like them big
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  19. Collected the car from having the knackered brake pads changed.
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  20. What have you gone for in the end?
  21. Tried to kiss a wall at a track, twice! Without success though.
  22. New steering wheel and a small change to the rear. 20211114_142923.jpg

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  23. It's a reteimmed wheel. Swapped it with a friend's who's putting his car back to standard :blush:
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  24. Some temporary pads to get me back on the commute. I'll fit the track pads before the next outing. Your ferodo recommendation will be the winning formula
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  25. Yesterday Put in H&R Springs.
    Had to remove Left Axel as Hub and Spline are seized.

    Looks so much better now. Washed it today.
  26. Got it out of the garage to let it warm up and and give it a coat of wax. :hearteyes: NSR Caliper was seized last time I drove it in September so will do that and rear pads in March before I tax it in April. Never replaced a caliper or bled brakes before though :triumph:

    9251E94E-A76B-449D-B0DA-68DC558C406F.jpeg 95AD01D0-59F4-42D6-8C04-0877C1CADFFD.jpeg 2FC01FFE-428D-4F41-9009-7A0D572CF617.jpeg 6F694CD0-D3C0-4709-951E-4FDC3D226D2E.jpeg 0D3FB05F-F78A-4C9A-B54F-F7E063700205.jpeg FF363ED6-6B32-482D-85E5-417E111400B3.jpeg

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