What have you done to your Car today?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Strell2, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Didn't they have the intercooler on the top of the engine though? A pretty stupid design that was always going to suffer badly from heat soak!

    The intercooler set up on the megane is in about as good as position that you could ask for, so I'm hopeful that an occasional squirt would be enough to keep it cool rather than a constant blast.

    Really I should bin the forge and get an airtec or pro alloy, but this has cost <10% of a new intercooler lol.
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  2. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    I had an GDB STI and never use the water spray:sweatsmile::sweatsmile:, and yes, the water tank is ridiculous. Only the Spec-C for Japan market, had a 20l. tank in the back of rear seats. That model hadn´t radio system, electric windows, fog lights, rear wing...just the basic to build a race car. Only sold in white color.

  3. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

    Debadged, looks better imo! Dental floss did the trick followed by a polish. IMG_20200418_154448~2.jpg
  4. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Nice ass!
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  5. spec C was a monster in its day.As you say,just
    a blank canvass for people wanting to compete in them.
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  6. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

    Oil change today. Used a bit cardboard to prevent oil going everywhere when removing the filter. Worked pretty well. :grinning:
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  7. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    That is my technic too! Damn filter, the old oil go everywhere. I use to clean after with brake disc cleaner spray:wink:
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  8. How your filter come off.....easy enough or battle ?
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  9. i find filter pliers are the best, after trying various tools for the job..
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  10. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

    Wasn't too bad. Used filter pliers like Andrewjeffs mentioned to loosen it first and then a hand job after that.
  11. i have used straps,chains and even the classic smash the screwdriver through it in the past!...but the long reach of the pliers made it easy to get a good grip on it.
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  12. Nice reward mate :smile:
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  13. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

    Definitely worth the £11.99 I paid for mine.
  14. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

    Got to take any opportunity that arises, especially when wor lass is working from home during lockdown! :laughing:
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  15. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    got a few bits repowder coated and got the boost pipes done in satin black

    49814747087_a4486eb574_c.jpg Engine Bay With Satin Black Parts by matt eaton, on Flickr
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  16. very nice bay..probably the tidiest i have seen.The black crackle rocker cover makes it.
    A yellow top on the oil catch tank for color coordination..sorted.
  17. Not that it matters at all, but, it's probably the cleanest, most sortest engine bay ever, but...... Just out of interest.... What sort of power are you running Matt?

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  18. Orange?

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  19. Sorry mate, yep! I'm 100% with you now!

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  20. Matt, are you still able to do the battery relocation kits?

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  21. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    It's running 310/325, I think the place I use to get the parts cuts is closed at the moment but maybe after this I can
    I was thinking a black cap. But cant find one

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  22. Stunning as usual matt :sunglasses:
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  23. Foliatech used to do cans of permanent plastic spray paint for car trim,which i used on parts years back.
    You couldnt tell they had been changed in colour,and never chipped or marked.
  24. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    @Si271 would you be interested in a kit?
  25. well today i spent it fitting a new clutch to the air con compressor whilst still on the car. not the best job. regas booked in tommorrow
  26. Good bit of fun then :laughing::laughing:
  27. yes bought the car aircon not working really. so new condenser/dryer and a regas nothing.
    ripped the engine bay apart connected clip and found supply to the solonoid on the clutchless compressor ok. so removed compressor and found this 20200505_143605_resized.jpg
  28. so thats the clutch shredded. so new one ordered 25 quid and fitted. regas tommorrow and hopefully sorted. like mi aircon lol
  29. that would have stopped it from working :openmouth:
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  30. re gassed. spot on now fixed. superb
  31. New bumper

    Strip down old one and build back up - new bumper and black inserts had fresh paint to freshen it up

    20200509_164741_rmedited.jpg 20200509_164726_rmedited.jpg MVIMG_20200509_163112.jpg
  32. i like that a lot :sunglasses::sunglasses:
  33. Cheers
    If being picky, the bonnet could do with a lick of paint, but I'm happy with how it's gone. I sourced some new lights for it last year so it's made the front nice and fresh
  34. I like the contrast between the red and black, don't think it would look good the other way around for mine though :astonished::astonished:
  35. Over the last few weeks I have removed and painted door bullets and door handles along with some interior plastics. I painted my garage walls and floor too

    0B8BDE08-E1CA-43DE-AF7A-03641DE216C0.jpeg 4DFBE662-3F16-422C-85DB-E24820252097.jpeg 84A90874-B594-4B72-86E4-3E3CDF5D162F.jpeg 825A79CA-5CCC-40F6-BFDB-95BEFDB2D0F8.jpeg 530C9DAF-100F-49DD-B05C-2EF6AC2ACABA.jpeg D408F7E6-44C1-46DF-975A-E0BA61921B30.jpeg 9C0DBF9D-1814-4C58-B72E-41B12C2CF488.jpeg 018E3DDC-D08C-456C-AE0D-F6CEFCD31193.jpeg 645EF577-2891-4736-9EB1-1FB4B1E43FD1.jpeg

    Then today I fitted my dark headlights off poppaboost and fitted new fogs and headlight washer jet. Painted the intercooler too whilst the bumper was off. Looks a lot better with dark lights!!

    E361E607-949F-48D1-807D-A36532DE8081.jpeg DFD1EBA9-A97A-4B55-AAC8-577BB21CA685.jpeg 80F73422-E399-426B-B268-45F302FE364D.jpeg 28D16E54-1178-4E89-95C3-16FEB3474B1A.jpeg
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  36. Told you :smile:

    What colour have you painted your handles and bullets, same as wheels?

    If so what’s the official name/code for this as I was thinking of doing mine too.
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  37. I ordered two an done 2 handles, 2 bullets, radio surround, gear gaiter surround, handbrake handle trim, lux glovebox trim and the trims on the door cards on the grab handles an I’ve got a bit left :smile:

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