What have you done to your Car today?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Strell2, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Thought I'd give the old girl a wash b046511300f6ff7f356d47136e09e28a.jpg a1d9716891a0de1b4a445e14028cc7bf.jpg 61455d26237087f03370a0c84325dbc9.jpg 9e2b2fb7cc8e97aa506a0f23f816e965.jpg

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  2. Put a smf and clutch kit

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  3. how is it all the expensive and shiny bits are hidden away :smirk:
  4. Not done anything as I had planned on Saturday due to putting my back out on Friday.
    Have got this lot to do.
    Hopefully the filter won’t cause me too much stress!
  5. long reach filter pliers for the win!
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  6. Well that oil filter is in a ridiculous location! Even with the filter pliers it took a good 5-10 mins of swearing and as expected got covered in oil.
    Replaced the gearbox oil but was surprised how clean the oil was that I drained.
    Now onto the fuel filter, fingers crossed I don’t snap any clips!
  7. Didn’t manage to do the fuel filter, had a quick look and the current filter and connections are filthy so I cleaned it up and then couldn’t figure out if the green clips need pulling up or pushing in? Was scared to snap them.
  8. Cleaned mine, for possibly the last time :tongueout:

  9. need to pull clips OUT except nothing much to grab onto, i used pointy knife blade to encourage the clip out of its surround
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  10. Gave it a clean and that’s it ‍♂️
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  11. Nice, very nice.
  12. I need some of these. I cussed and swore for a good 40 minutes
  13. If I recall correctly .... pulling .... not 100% sure .. try both with care , should work out
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  14. had mine off in seconds with these...30 fkn mins last time without,and had to resort to the screwdriver through the filter special!
  15. Wheel change r26r
    Swapping red wheels over to black so I can freshen up red wheels

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  16. cleaned the cars today

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  17. Few things

    Wheels off, arches decontaminated and dressed

    Wheels cleaned whilst off and resealed

    Bumper off - back inserts off to be sprayed along with a new bumper I've sourced

    Tomorrow full wash & paint decontamination

    Sunday possible correction and seal MVIMG_20200403_170647.jpg
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  18. Was it easy removing the black stuff?
    I’ll be doing a full detail on my car this weekend hopefully.
  19. If you can remove the bumper it's not too bad

    Blade, remove the drls and ballasts then it unclips

    The middle bit just unclips,

    There is a lot of clips mind - god knows who designed it lol!

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