What have you done to your Car today?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Strell2, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Seems like basic stuff to oil the seal before doing a filter, pure laziness not doing it! I'm hoping mine isn't as difficult when I service it next week!
  2. 93725541-0292-4A74-935C-742D2BC787FB.jpeg Started to fit my hybrid today only got at it for an hour before i got called out but got it off and everything swapped over so should be a simple fit again in the morning hangover permitting.
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  3. So much for a simple fit again with the turbo. Fitted this morning and just couldnt get the decat flange to seal right on the turbo it was either tight at the bottom and not the top and i could slightly move the gasket or the other way round so ended up pulling the threads on the turbo trying to get it pulled in to seal :worried:
    Anyway turbo off again along with the manifold and decat pulled up out the top fixed the threads and bolted together on the floor and the flange isnt flat:worried: i had my suspicions of this when fitted the decat originally but thought it was in my head because i couldnt see the bottom when fitted. So tomorrow il have to get the flange skimmed and try it all again. What a pain in the ass it has turned into i knew it came apart to easy:smile:
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  4. Its tough to get off on the R26 to.Such a small space to work on if you are on the floor.
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  5. went for a wee run
    phone photies 013.jpg
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  6. front
    phone photies 010.jpg
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  7. Oil, oil filter, air filter and spark plugs changed. First time I've serviced it under my ownership. Oil filter was a right ballache but managed to use a chain wrench bit by bit and it came off, why Renault decided to put it there I'll never know! Was also the first time I've ever changed spark plugs on any car! Wasn't difficult, although the washer out my Halfords spark plug socket kept getting stuck on the top of the plugs so had to drop the plugs in carefully then tighten them up. The old plugs were in a bit of a state too! Gapped the new ones to 0.6mm even though it's a stock car but seems to run absolutely fine.



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  8. nice mate
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  9. Washed polished and waxed and then put my new wheels on 606802384907c117c8641762c0110ade.jpg

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  10. Had the thermostat replaced. Cold start now works and it warms up far quicker.
  11. _20190111_175212.JPG _20190111_185023.JPG _20190111_185153.JPG _20190111_185241.JPG Wash time, done twice as covered in diesel and salt.

    Wheel wash and tyre dress.

    Hoover and dust.

    Fitted my new wind deflectors.

    Was missing the option to open the window in the rain.

    Plus the megane is notorious for instant fog up for no reason...
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  12. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    Saw some bloke on YouTube fit a set of jets for the intercooler on his fiesta st. So I thought I'd have ago on the R26

  13. Driver's side dipped bulb stopped working so fitted some osram night breaker laser xenon d1s bulbs. Removed the wheels and front arch liners and was fairly easy to fit. Not cheap at £136 for a pair but so much better than the osram Xenarc bulbs I had. Lights up the road nicely without dazzling other drivers.
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  14. Don’t suppose you’ve got a link for these have you mate ?

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  16. Just replaced my ignition coil connectors as they had zip ties making sure they didn't come off. Bought some of the Toyota Supra connectors off ebay: Toyota 90980-11246 1JZ 2JZ Supra Soarer Coil Pack Connector Loom Plug.
    They are exactly the same as those on my R26.
    My plugs were so brittle and the swap only took 5 mins for all four plugs. Managed to pop out the white centre of the plug with a small screwdriver and the rest of the black plastic internals were so brittle they just broke off as I pushed the tab to release the metal terminals. Terminals slid out easily from the old plug. Then it was remove the white bit from the new plug, push the terminals back in (remember which one is top/bottom), slide in the white bit and plug it back onto the ignition coil. Didn't have to use the new metal terminals/seals as the old ones came out so easily. Wish all jobs were as easy.
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  17. Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Gearbox Oil and soaked and rinsed my panel filter. :blush: I put the old paper one in to let the k&n dry over night Ordered a gasket from Renault Manchester for the oil breather plate as the oil weeping has got worse these past few months. They said there was only one in Renaults stock, £24.02 delivered and its booked in with Gary Burnett on the 22nd of March to have it fitted. :tonguewink: If any bolts were to snap I’d be fooked :astonished:
  18. New arms new ball joints new bushes (poly bushed) new track rods and inner rods new linkages and fresh gear box oil replaced the plug for a gold plug. Also have two exhaust hangers to fit as well as fresh engine oil with a gold plug.

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  19. Uprated gearbox mount and Powerflex engine mount fitted today, and a MOT. Noticable vibration while idling (lights shaking) and feels tighter. Could be a placebo effect but will know more on the drive to work tomorrow.
  20. 50BBBAC8-8EEF-41AD-9122-BFC5FA2520A1.jpeg 46ED15BD-877F-4170-9071-2FE7E41AD832.jpeg Took my R26 to Gary Burnett to have the coil threads Helicoiled and fit a new oil breather gasket. Awesome job and price as usual :relaxed: When I got home I removed some bits off the engine and painted it. Not concourse but nice and neat :sunglasses:
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  21. Looks great, love to see a properly clean engine!
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  22. Cheers mate :smiley:
  23. Added some silver/grey stickers

  24. steering wheel.jpg rear.jpg triplets.jpg alcantara :smirk: tints :sunglasses: oh...and triplets :screamcat:
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  25. Jacked up the front axle, spun the wheels, and listened to my broken LSD.

    Is this common at less than 3ys old/14k miles?
  26. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler RSM Club Member

    Gave the r26 a good clean as my dailys been broke lately. Been loving the 20 miles of back roads daily tho b6aa4ecc762e1bf3ea104f377231eae0.jpg

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  27. f507f366253d31d01df811164ce22478.jpg 6366e1857c1fc9042b751aa15fba6141.jpg c6dfe1d0e4bc501ebfc3082ae0854352.jpg dfaa4cf4abdc1d3276b94d4771198f4c.jpg 7548b105efb6355d99b77dd18a405015.jpg ab91923681d466232136c174fb4b984f.jpg

    Fitted all my carbon fibre bits I’d had made looking wicked massive improvement to the interior. Also stripped the engine out the car and painted it ready for forging.

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  28. Fitted my newly powder coated 12 spokes.
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  29. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    same as @Ian Hughes fitted some new powder coated bits and painted the rocker cover in black wrinkle paint

    47472821961_35f0ba0b02_c.jpg Engine bay new by matt eaton, on Flickr

    47419902532_edb78a0d21_c.jpg Engine bay new by matt eaton, on Flickr

    46749520604_9e223736e2_c.jpg Wrinkle paint by matt eaton, on Flickr
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  31. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    yours looks really good too, freshens it up

    get a flickr account ian

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