What have you done to your Car today?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Strell2, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Got a 60 quid halfords med car cover. Fits a treat. Pleased with it. Trees drop leaves and sap stuff Which is annoying 20181027_170429.jpg 20181027_170417.jpg
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  2. 5D648CB8-E7E0-4957-A3F0-FC6D78F0B3A7.jpeg Got my ps2’s onto my new trophy r wheels, sealed them and now ready to go on in the morning. Had to leave them in the play room in the heat and ban the kids until the morning.
  3. 77A302B8-55AB-483C-9904-F40184EE4691.jpeg 23C48A55-8E2B-4D26-803A-2FF4286B74D0.jpeg New wheels fitted this morning.
  4. Is it on standard suspension?
  5. Yea gonna go for coilovers after Christmas
  6. Was 2 weeks or so ago, not had chance to post... but changed the Renault badges to black, new custom RS badge, redone the rear fins and front pinstripes to be fatter, and added the RS Megane sticker to the rear F84768BE-B227-4142-BDEE-A637585DB5E8.jpeg 967E6DB7-0E02-4DE3-9C3A-1C41AA1C19BF.jpeg 0516FBA5-53AA-47D2-932A-70B97B5D1AF4.jpeg
  7. Where did you get the red pinstripe? And what size is it?
  8. Got a 10 meter roll off eBay for £4, 20mm width... much better quality than the shit sheet vinyl I bought before which faded in colour after like 2 weeks. Slightly brighter red than the car but you can't tell. Had to trim the fins because they're thinner than 20mm

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  9. new badges ^^^^
  10. thinking of getting rid of rear wiper next. Aye or no ? rear view 1.jpg
  11. If your quick aye. If your slow no
  12. haaa>>? wiit ?
  13. Theyw dont weigh much....depends if you use it really.
  14. The problem is they never look right unless you change the glass as well.
  15. Well that was painless haha 20181113_205613.jpg 20181113_205722.jpg
  16. [​IMG]

    Fitted new thermostat, temp sensor and coolant and air con pressure switch and finally got the fan off so thought I’d go and get some pics with my mate in his phase 1 Saxo

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  17. Visited Mark Black at MRS for a sports cat install. Now running stock map with 200 cell, mid silencer delete and standard back box. Sounds just how I want it to without droning too much. Everyone recommends Mark and I can see why, nice guy and knows his stuff!
    C406F648-8971-41AE-9D23-EF64F8BBF390.jpeg EBBFC889-13CD-4ABB-A328-42D5BDD0F8EC.jpeg
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  18. Fitted my new wheel finally.



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  19. FItted at set of h&r springs today. Happy with the result and the car drives/feels the same so far although only took it a short drive as i got called out to work also why ive only one picture but will get a better view of it tomorrow. 8A1FA686-FDB6-4B81-A935-8EC8668D1997.jpeg F1916A9D-9720-42AE-897B-B76579B9F35A.jpeg
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  20. Changed the oil, put my tools, wheels etc in, ready for the journey tomorrow to the hotel and Brands Hatch trackday on Tuesday :laughing::laughing:
  21. Don't forget snow chains !!
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  22. Think i will out the r888's and put the 595's in, think i might stand a better chance :sunglasses:
  23. watch these covers..i had a tailor made,breathable cover on my Integra DC2.To my horror,the material on areas of the roof,and rear spolier had been rubbing slightly with wind movement over the weeks.
    It looked like i had taken sand paper to the fkn paint!
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  24. Car was filthy after trackday on friday 20181119_192027.jpg 20181119_192115.jpg
  25. Got my car MOT'd last weekend with the only advisory being a worn boot on the NS front anti rotation link. My new under car 200 cell sports cat performed perfectly and sailed through the emissions test. Replacement anti rotation links purchased and fitted last night with, surprisingly, relative ease. Has tightened the steering up nicely too which is a nice bonus
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  26. 921F6AA4-10E0-46BD-A218-108A85A5D5DC.jpeg Cup s wheel and gaiters
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  27. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Gave the inside windscreen a good clean, and applied some Gyeon Anti fog, also did the front side windows
  28. Have you got any pictures of how this is installed? I'm thinking of doing the same to my R26. What CAT did you go for?
  29. It’s all in the thread Simon just search his posts.

  30. As mentioned the details are spread out in this thread, but to save you hunting for them here's some details:

    I bought the following 3" 200 cell 'E' marked euro 3/4 spec universal sports cat:

    To fit it I bought 3 x sets if the following v-band sets:

    I then got the cat welded in locally. I got it positioned under the car in the downpipe as close to the front of the car as possible. At the same time I had a decat pipe knocked up. Due to all the joints being on v-bands it's a simple quick job to swap between the cat and decat pipe.



    The car passed the emissions test without any problems

  31. Thanks @Dale1uk. Will likely go for the same cat as you. I've got a 2.75" Miltek so will get the 2.5" version and cut the end down to 2.75".
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  32. Got my R26 alloys wheels dropped off at a local refurb company to change them from (poorly painted by previous owner) black back to anthracite. Looking forward to picking them up on Saturday and having my car looking back to its best
  33. Picked the wheels up today and got them fitted. Looks loads better

  34. Only gone and bought a shortshifter, engine mount, gearbox stabiliser bar, CL pads, brake fluid, braided brake lines and 2 new front Brembo calipers.
  35. 4001E5AC-57DD-4DF6-A861-28AE6527AC9E.jpeg 0E0DC7CE-93DC-4C9C-81BF-ABD99CCE903A.jpeg B628AAD0-8EA8-4050-B38B-DE3496E9FB1D.jpeg Picked up my hybrid today, booked rs tuning and booked the boat across and back for mapping early next year.
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  36. Gave it a long overdue wash, and refitted a freshly painted exhaust surround, looks loads better!






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  37. I had mine washed!!!

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  38. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    After taking mine last year for springs fitting to Mark Black, then taking it back to him for a new clutch/flywheel - I decided to do the service myself

    Bought a full renault service kit, new thermostat (as mine seems to be running quite cold with poor fuel economy) and a braided damper delete line for the clutch ( from HEL as it was £10 cheaper than Ktec :smiley: )

    OH MY GOD do I regret doing this myself

    Thermostat - a special place in hell is reserved for whoever placed that there, the bolts are as hard to get to as doing the bloody forge blanking plate.

    Clutch line - not too bad, a minute to swap once the battery tray is out, then used a pressure bleeder connected to the brake fluid tank, a one man eeziblead kit on the bleed nipple, cranked the pressure up - pumped the pedal like a mad man till it started to firm up, left it for another minute watching the bubbles until the fluid was clear, closed the bleed valve, job done.

    Spark plugs - piece of piss, no bolts seized on coils, straight out, straight in.

    Oil filter - sweet jesus christ, tried a strap wrench, then a chain wrench, then hammering a screwdriver through the bastard which just tore it in half and all it's insides came out. Eventually had to cut the rubber with a razer blade then use an old leather belt tightened up on it and my entire body weight and it finally came off. Took FOUR HOURS.
    Whoever did the last service and didn't oil the filter before fitting, I hope you get crotch rot.


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