R26 What discs to go for ?

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  1. Got some cheap nasty discs on mine at the mo so looking to fit some Genuine Renault ones. My question is though which ones ? Want to avoid the drilled ones because they crack so can I just put 225 discs on front and rear or do I need to go with r26r groves ones ? I see the wheel bearings are different sizes.
  2. You can get plain or grooved Brembo's, i got mine from my local parts supplier

    Rears are either 225 phase 1 smaller stub axle, or 225 phase 2 and R26 bigger stub
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    Got all my brakes from RTR they are on here as a supplier, great service I did go for the OE cup 225 Drilled discs all round and Brembo pads all round if I remember rightly all seem great to me but I only use them for road use and maybe fat road sometimes.
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  4. Plain Brembo HC (high carbon) ones on mine. Think the R26 has the larger of the two wheel bearing sizes, but you can still get plain disks.
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    I had an 225 ph1 and, exactly, the rear bearing size is smaller than the ph2 and R26 ones. Like you, I don´t like drilled disc, prefer streaked??(sorry, I don´t know if it´s de rigth form to say...:sweat:), or high carbon like said. To me, Brembo is a good choice.
  6. Anyone know what the part number is for the high carbon discs ?
  7. I just asked at my local parts supplier for Brembo HC disc's and they got them for me, they do have an account with Brembo
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    hi there, i run RTR Parts and can get you sorted with your brakes and others parts. Need any help, send me a PM , cheers
  10. george is a trusted trader on here with a 100% reputation.Known for super efficient service.
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  12. Hello!

    I'm looking for a new set of rear brake discs and pads since mines, R26 drilled ones, are barely on 9.5mm thickness. They are in great shape overall but some tiny cracks in a few holes and they have 0.03mm of deformation each side wich isn't bad after years of use and abuse.

    I'm planing to start runing the car on trackdays and I'm already using it for fast road driving so I would like to have a better brake feeling and performance overall. I was thinking on buying a set of grooved R26R ones because R26 ones are prone to crack with agressive pads and I dont really like the look of HC plain Brembo ones but I won't mind if HC are the best option overall. I have a new set of yellow EBC's rear pads just to use for street and fast road only. Once I start track the car, I will upgrade for 330mm two piece PFC discs and Pagid pads on the front and better track suited pads on the rear. What do you think?.

    I'm already on Hell braided brake lines and RBF660.
  13. Fluid flush more effective than most think.get that done with something like rbf600.will give you a nicer pedal.

    Pads...take your pick for the road/track. ds uno,ds 111,cl 5+ or 6,carbotech xp8.

    But the best thing you can do for no more braking issues is a swap for mk3 brembos and disks.far better than fitting larger disks on standard callipers.

    If you use slotted disks or something like j hook items,your pads will last half as long with the cheese grater effect.
  14. I see you have done the fluid so that's a good start
  15. Yellow stuff are no better than standard on the rear.had them for a while.
  16. People I know use standard calipers and upgraded 330 rotors and they found more than enough brake power and resistance with this setup. Sure the Megane 3 brakes could be better but I dont like the idea to re-drill the disc hubs and sourcing a set of used calipers, refurbish, etc and you are still using standard brakes on the rear wich don't seems to be well ballanced in performance to me. It would cost about the same in both ways.
  17. I will try them when I source a new pair of rear disks. I know there are better pads for about the same money but I consider this ones worth a try, once a life almost hehe

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