Weight stock intercooler Megane 3 RS / LI battery

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  1. Guys,
    today my new Wagner Intercooler has arrived, looks really pretty. What I was as little shocked about was the weight, Wagner claims 8,4 kg, would surely be true. Does anybody know what weight the stock part is, I didn´t remove mine not as yet since I´ll going to do it in spring when weather will be a bit more friendly. Probably anyone could put his on a scale….would be really nice. Then I´ve to think about compensating it by switching to a Lithium ion accu probably.

    The Megane 3 Trophy-R features an LI, but it´s horrible expensive. Did anybody switch to another brand and matched the connections and the carrier according to the new battery probably keeping weight down additionally? Would be nice to show it here with some pics and telling the conversation...
  2. these are popular plus can get screw in regular battery terminals

    will probably need smart charger if leaving for more than 3/4 day
  3. But it´s no LI battery….7 KGs lost isn´t that bad, but 17 kg lost is better. I´ve weight my stock battery, it´s unbelivable 19 kg...and a 10 Ah LI battery is about 2 KGs. 10 AH has to be calculated 3 times to compare to a lead acid battry as you know. More than enough to start the engine even in winter.
  4. My 'bare' 250 std intercooler weighs 3.55kg. My Liteblox battery weighs 1.2 kg.
  5. UUps… 5 kg added for the Wagner...it´s however worth the weight, but anyway f******* it hurts on the front axle...
    Probably the intercooler of the 273 is a bit heavier? I´m worried no….
    Wagner should supply an LI battery together with the intercooler :-)

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