Weight Saving on an RS250 Cup

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Mark_RS, May 26, 2017.

  1. https://www.maximotorsport.com/, try them they could make some to your spec...
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  2. Don't do this to me now...don't go making it a full on race car or I'll want too. I'm so weak!

    If you're doing anything to keep it useable and save weight, do let me know. Still waiting on your windows :smile:
  3. Oh Mark Mark Mark...the Trophy R is great if you want an investment piece but it's not really all it could have been :smile:

    I always enjoying discussing the health and shape of ones box with another man to be so rewarding and insightful! On the headlights there is no way in this world I'm sending you a link...ever...even if they're RHD (they better be) as the quality won't be good enough for you :smiley: I couldn't live with the guilt.

    Yes, I admit it, the blue wheels just aren't my cup of tea. They're so light though :worried: I didn't want to spend 400 quid making them black when I can get different wheels for not much more!
  4. Not a full blown race car at all. Just closer to the R26R/GT3RS inspiration.

    Windows are here (want to test fit before I can tell you any details), rear parcel/carpet etc is in.

    Some other bits came too. But the car on the outside is totally OEM (except track wheels) and inside looks very OEM too.

    Hope to get a move on soon. Too much work, travelling and playtime with other wheels...
  5. Yadda yadda. We'd both have one if we could over the 250.

    Thankfully, two rebuilds has done wonders for my box and it’s not so tight anymore. Was difficult selecting third before but now it just slips in. Let’s not discuss reverse!

    Just out of interest send me the link, please…

    A-ha, you see, I told you. Glad you’ve come to your senses!! If they’re so light though why not spend the money and have them made black and be a bit ‘different’. The OZ’s will look great but not as individual.
  6. ....photos....
  7. Anything in particular you'd like to see?
  8. Everything!!
  9. Lol. It's not much different than any other Megane with a cage and blingy bucket seats and a CAE. Suspension has been modified and running different wheels and brake pads/fluid.

    Mark saw the car when it was halfway there with rear Interior and windows missing.
  10. Ah, I was hoping for a bit of car-porn.
  11. Nah. She's not that very special compared to others here. Only bits will be the plastic windows.

    I wanted to keep the car to a factory spec (i.e. Look, drive, feel how it could've left the factory).

    From the outside, bar ride height, wheels wiper and antenna it looks completely standard.
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    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    What windows did you go with?
  13. I have a very good manufacturer on hand that made them as a one off (to test) for the moment.

    Effectively it Makrolon in shape of standard windows in a embedded seal (direct replacement without messing around, and it does look oem).

    Will post some pics once fitted to my test hatch.
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    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Oh sounds interesting, rear 3?

    I have been looking at poly windows for mine but I'm unsure whether I'll be keeping it much longer
  15. Rear 3 indeed. From a road car perspective I wouldn't want to replace front screen and side windows (scratches etc).

    Happy to show it when it's done.
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    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    That's all I would want to do, even on a full track toy I still wouldn't bother with fronts. Being able to get some fresh air in the car is far more important to me than saving a few kilos LOL
  17. Full track toy no. Race car maybe.
  18. Honestly? I wouldn't take a Trophy R or Trophy over the 250 because the extra cost isn't worth it...that said, I'd buy (and probably will) an R26.R to mothball along with the Clio V6 Phase 2 (both in black ofcourse).

    Ok, I'll send you the link when they arrive if that's ok...want to make sure they're right but I've been told they are!

    I do love the Oz though :worried:
  19. One look at your car and I'm on the ruinous path....so don't share photos :smile:
  20. What with all the little bits needed doing on my 250 and of course the gearbox rebuild I wish now I’d bought the 1k mile old ex-demo 275 Cup-S I looked at before. Money no option I’d have a Trophy, perhaps not the R with the missing rear seats though.

    Good call on the R26R and V6, possibly the R in white and the V6 in silver though.

    Let me know how you get on with the lights when they’ve arrived and are in.

    1st world problems hey.
  21. You're never to know though with cars...you just hope they stay reliable and fun.

    I may, may be selling the Merc in the coming month (I change my mind like the wind on stuff) and if I do, I'll buy an R26.R and V6 to hide somewhere. You can come and visit my car museum if you're in Surrey :smile:

    Car is now with KTec with instructions on the remap and all manner of other things! I'll keep an eye out for the lights, hoping they arrive soon and are right.
  22. Well that’s the gamble with buying ‘old’ cars out of warranty. If I’d bought the 275 Cup-S it would’ve had 3.5 years (I think) of warranty left. The 250 didn’t and I’ve had to spend £2k on sorting out the gearbox! I had a pre-owned MK4 GTI many years ago that was out of warranty and had done 60k miles and it drove like new and didn’t ever miss a beat, didn’t need anything spending on it other than servicing – I has some fun with that!! (Porsche brakes, hybrid turbo etc. etc.)

    Well if you’re like me when you’ve scratched the itch and the man-maths add up you just fancy trying something new, nothing wrong with that. Coincidentally there is a C63 buying guide in this month’s EVO.

    (I’ll never forget though being on the pit-wall at Brands on a track-day just to listen to the noise of the 6.2 thwapppp past like a WW2 fighter plane.)

    Good luck with the re-re-map, hopefully they’ll see the point in it all rather than just turning down setting No.2 because “that’s what the customer wants”. Coincidentally I think the first C63 came with just over 440 ftlb….
  23. Most things in the life are down to luck aren't they? Or maybe it's just all random chance, nothing more. The Golf sounds like fun! Share some pictures of it?

    I picked the Merc up Monday night and I just love the thing...it's awesome. I have a possible buyer for it already, just have to decide on price but it would be north of 50k to even consider it. The sound is stunning, German machinery just sounds like nothing else..especially on a track.

    I'm going to call KTR today and see where they're up to, I also hope they don't just retune it...otherwise what's the point of the turbo and injectors etc. They have their chance to resolve it.
  24. No pictures of the Golf unfortunately, we're talking probably 12-13 years ago now, I sold it to a guy that was going to take it racing.

    Well good luck with the sale!

    Good luck with that also, keep me posted.
  25. Such a shame that digital photography is only a recent invention really. I still have the odd paper! photo of my old cars somewhere.

    I love the Merc though, so much. I know it makes little sense in all honesty keeping it and selling it would give me £600 a month back in the bank and around 20k cash that could make getting an R26R or Clio V6 a cheap experience. We'll see!

    I'm still waiting on this sodding headlight to arrive by the way :worried:
  26. .....I remember having a 12" Black & White CRT TV in my bedroom as a kid!

    When the maths work out like that seems mad not to. Either an R26R or a V6 would make a nice toy to polish and take out when its warm and dry plus think of what you'll be able to do with the money saved per month.

    I'm kinda bored spending money on the beast so would probably leave the headlights anyway. I need to get out and actually drive her for a change, have a couple of longish trips to do in the next few weeks so will be fun to get her out for a blast.

    Any re-re-map news?
  27. Evening Mark 1!

    The Merc deal is too good to pass up...the Megane now has a nice new private plate attached (from the Merc). The hunt will be on for a V6 or R26R as soon as my mate finds something for me :smile:

    Remap was a bit of a fail, hp is 308 and torque is 370 now so a bit shit to say it has the turbo etc. Will call ED tomorrow (you were totally right!).
  28. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Sounds like they still havnt got the hang of mapping then, all or nothing by the sound of it
  29. Looks that way, I asked them to try and give me a more linear map with power further up the rev range and shoot for around 350hp/350 lbft but the new graph is just the old graph but lower down :smiley: Oh well...they're good at other things!
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  31. Love it! Do you want to pm me a price for the exhaust? I need it to get me on UK tracks (95db static ideally) but sound as epic as possible. I also need some sort of sports/race cat to allow MOT. My car has the KTR full 3" system with decat and sports cat at the moment if that helps.
  32. So the Merc is gone? oh well onwards and upwards and all that. Just think of the saving and also what you can buy next (R26R V6 etc.…), or just save the money and tinker more with the 250 GT3-R SVR Superleggera Black…..

    I won’t say it, even though I am really tempted to do so…..!!! Is it still drivable, presumably it must be, in which case the bhp deficit won’t really be that noticeable over the circa 350bhp you were hoping for and 370ftlb is still a lot!! IMO you’re in a better position now than you were before, so although it’s not perfect it’s still an improvement!!
  33. The Merc is on its way out the door...short and boring story :smile:

    I need a sticker with all that on Mark 1, might need a bigger car though. The Meg will go to RS in Leeds soon if they can do it justice, it's booked for the suspension too and I've done a few other bits since we last spoke! It's much better now though.

  34. They seem to get good reports and I guess will be good to go with a clean slate. Suspension!?? What else??

    I've had the resonated centre-silencer fitted and it sounds much better now, almost OEM sounding and as if it should have come like it as standard. For some strange reason it feels faster now, presumably because it's making less noise I'm just without meaning to relying on the road now for sense of speed and as the car is so capable I'm just going that bit faster...!!
  35. Suspension is the biggie really and I hope after that it's just subtle tweaks by me. You do make me laugh, going to the dark side and then deciding it's not for you :smile:
  36. Car now weighs 1218kg with 1/4 tank
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    Can you give us a run down of what's been done to get that low
  38. Sorry...1281, got the number wrong :smiley:

    Weight is:





    That's with lightweight battery, rear crash bar removed, Recaro PP seats on ally frames, all sound deadening gone, no stereo or speakers, light weight boot floor, no rear seats, standard belts removed, wheels, suspension lighter, various other odds and sods.

    To go on is lexan rear and 1/4 windows, frp or carbon bonnet, lighter two piece discs. I've also found somewhere willing to make FRP doors, trunk and bonnets. Minimum order is 5 of each or I pay for the tooling...finding out cost on the tooling as I might just pay it depending on part costs.
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  39. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Ah that sounds more like it haha!

    I'd definitely be interested in some frp panels but I'd avoid doors until a full cage is in
  40. I think with what else I have planned the car should dip below 1250 but that's as far as I'll get it keeping interior trim etc in place. At some point I'm sure I'll just rip everything out though and go full racecar on it. It's how I usually ruin every car I own.

    Prices for bonnets seems to be around £200, doors are £400 and boot lid similar...guide prices based on other stuff I've seen. Might come to nothing but if they'll take my cash, I'll give it to them :smile:
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