Weight Saving on an RS250 Cup

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Mark_RS, May 26, 2017.

  1. Evening all,

    Wondering what else can be removed/done to the car to reduce mass? So far I have:

    Lightweight battery (6kg)
    Bucket seats (8.7kg)
    Lightweight wheels (8.4kg)
    Removed spare wheel, boot flooring, rear seats and belts, front belts, sound deadening in the rear.

    What else can be done? Remove passenger airbag (thanks SpaceCadet), remove rear crash bar behind bumper, two piece front discs, composite panels??

    For rear bumper and dash top is there a how to on removal also?
  2. Aircon, audio and sound deadening. Door cards and external rear view mirrors from Oreca store.
  3. Polycarbonate windows.
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  4. Assuming you have already nailed power, suspension and brakes, reckon you just have to now decide how much of a road car you want compared to a track car.

    A lot of the time the mod and build becomes more important than the overall objective. So many track day cars are just paddock show vehicles, fancy mods, look I've built a 'race car' then driven like a granny.
  5. Very useful contribution of the ever repeated 3 phrases of Aerofoil.

    If that is what people want to do (and I'm not for a moment saying that Mark here is), let them. Their time, their money, their car.

    Your opinion to that? Probably rather irrelevant.

    If you care so much about your own opinion, start an own thread, call it the 5 opinions of Aerofoil (almost as catchy as 50 shades of Grey, I find) and post comments or even better details to your own car.

    The very least that interests me are show cars. But reading the same re-hashed statements all over is boring.

    Mark - I know I owe you an email!
    Will be done when I'm back in the country!
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  7. Meant to say that I want to keep the car comfortable/sensible (to a point). Removing the radio and a.c. aren't an option at this stage, been there and done that many times and it makes the car too extreme!
  8. Will check out oreca though for mirrors and I would do door cards! Polycarb Windows also yes :smile:
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  9. Haha yes..car runs 340hp and way too much torque (being detuned) so power is good. Suspension is going to be KW CS and brake lines done, will fit 2 piece front rotors and Pagid rs29/19 pads.

    Trust me when I say the car may look clean and cared for but I expect it to work for me! Driver training is always good before someone says it..but I'm fairly handy (imo haha)
  10. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    How far do you want to go?

    Unless it's going to be a race car I wouldn't be going to mental, hence mine is still "fairly" civilised
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  11. .....I've already told you - have a big poo before you go out!!

    Other than all mentioned above I don't think there is much more you can do without going silly.

    Aircon is a big saving and as long as you don't remove the heater and fan you still retain some comfort in the hot and cold (I removed the heater on my track 172 and regretted it!!!)

    I don't know if the Meganes have them, but in the 172's there was a heavy damping weight that could be removed from around the front, can't remember now exactly where it was.

    What about a nice light Renaultsport steering wheel?
  12. ....don't encourage him!!
  13. Taking your clothes off would be free, until you got arrested and fined anyway!
  14. Looks like you have nailed the low hanging fruit. Anything now is going to be nibbling away for small weight gains ..... unless you really want a race spec build and the compromises that brings.

    If you end up with a stripped tin can then deleting air con will be a mistake. You will cook on track in the summer.

    Other stuff to consider and not mentioned: rear wiper delete, full drain on washer bottle, arch linings, exhaust centre box delete, single front seat if solo on track. All easy weight gains.

    My view, unless you want the race car spec, the stuff to pull out for weight savings should be the stuff you can easily and cheaply put back. Keeps things simple, leaves options to sell on. Plus I reckon you still want a functioning and usable road car, so how much hassle do you really need for a hard won extra 30kg?
  15. A good friend of mine has said the worst thing he ever did to his track car was removing the air con
  16. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    It isn't that bad, mine hasn't worked for around 14 months now, just havnt got round to binning it properly
  17. No ac becomes more of an issue the more you strip out. No headlining, door cards, trim panels, carpets etc makes a tin can. Windows up on track = sweat box in the sun.
  18. Can always crack the window slightly, most track days are ok with it. Or fit a roof vent..
  19. Gonna be difficult with those poly front windows that are going in.

    Also going to be a bit sweaty when stuck on the M25.
  20. It's more than possible to mount plastic windows on runners so they go up and down like standard. Difficult to prevent scratching, but the mechanicals can be achieved easily enough.

    The roof vent is very effective on my rally car though, as you say, less good in traffic.

    However, in the context of what the OP wants, I would probably settle for where you are. A GRP bonnet may get a reasonable amount of weight out and it's getting it out of the front of the car, which is good in a front driver. Ditching the air con could give a reasonable saving, again, up front which is good. I ran my 172 Cup as a daily for a while and can't say the lack of air con was a big problem. I'd probably be cautious of removing much more of the interior if the car is going to be used on the road regularly. I think it would just make it a bit tiresome. No problem if it's purely being used for a weekend blast but, if it is going to be used for daily duties some of the time, I probably wouldn't go much further.
  21. Really??? Here in Oz I binned the A/C and have been on a few 30+ degree track days. Sure it gets warm inside but never unbearable. And this was in a black car! What's a stinking hot day in the U.K.? 25 degrees?

    Apart from weight saving of an A/C delete you should get more power because you'll have less drag on the system even if the A/C is off.
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  22. You'll sweat more when you remove the AC. Means losing more water which means you're lighter ...

    And a little more hp right?
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  23. Hah! Love all the responses in my absence :smile:

    I've run plenty of cars where I ditched the full heater/air con setup, removed pumps, belts, pipework etc etc. I really am trying (honestly) to keep this car as civilised as possible but as focused as possible. I was thinking of ditching the driver steering wheel in favour of a momo style item (airbag delete), remove passenger airbag, remove any remaining sound deadening I can get to without removing the entire dash (and making the carpet look shit). Lexan rear and quarter windows and GRP body panels if anyone has any links to people selling these things? I'd love a GRP bonnet and trunk if they're out there.

    Ofcourse, you can always spend more on lighter parts than what I have currently. Momo seats are 8.7kg, I could buy Reverie Mulsanne seats at 2.7kg but I don't want them to look out of place in the car!
  24. There is no way I'd be remove the passenger air bag if the car is going to be used on road. Imagine what would happen if a passenger got injured (or worse) over this in a road traffic accident. To me, it would be an insane move to make.
  25. ......Not needed if running buckets & harnesses.
  26. Fair enough point I guess, I'd be assuming you don't want the discomfort of harnesses on the road and if they are not used properly (loose), aren't much good in an accident situation.
  27. As Mr Cadet said, with buckets and harnesses airbags aren't really that relevant any more...plus I hate the things and the fear of them deploying (might just be me on that one).

    If I get chance this week I'll do a few more bits on the weight saving. I've been offered carbon seats at 2.9kg each to replace the Momo's but I'm not wanting to spend a grand on them when I want to do other things right now!

    Come on Ultralight....where are all these emails and parts you're promising me :smile:
  28. Dont quote me, but I’m sure I remember from somewhere that airbags are dangerous with buckets & harnesses, or may be its if wearing a helmet??, either way they’re not needed if tightly strapped in as you won’t be hitting the steering wheel or dashboard.

    Ooooh, do it, they sound great. In for a penny in for a lb as they say!
  29. How's the new tight box working for you Mark 1?
  30. The box is nice and tight thanks, just as I like it. Just trying to forget it all now.
  31. Don't fiddle with it too much Mark 1, no matter how good it feels...it'll only get loose again and go back to being a clown's pocket on you :smile:

    Any more plans or are you done for now? I've got KTec fitting braided lines and new fluid to the car next week!
  32. I find as long as you keep them adequately lubricated they seem to last for miles.

    I’ve put new front & rear RS badges on along with the B-pillar CUP badges, removed the black diamond covers and also fitted a new ‘chrome’ exhaust trim so all is looking standard’ish again. Obviously it’s got its original ‘chrome’ headlights back on, but best we don’t dwell on that subject for too long hey...

    Other than that, its booked at ED later this month to have a Scorpion resonated centre-section fitted as I feel at the moment it’s just a tad aftermarket rather than OEM+, therefore the resonated section will tone it down a touch and hopefully sound as if it may have always come like it. It will then be a complete 3” system with sports-cat, centre and rear silencers, what with the SC and being larger diameter it should still be a touch louder than standard.

    I may at some point upgrade the head-unit and speakers as they are dire, but I’ve had an expensive month on boring non-car stuff (sofa, PC, desk & chair) so they can wait.

    What about you? Did you ever get the re-re-map or is that now “offline”?
  33. This is very true...I'm all about the lubrication.

    I still can't believe you've OEM'd your car again! I've just bought a second set of black lamps from Magneti Morelli (spelling) in black to keep my car looking shady. I'm also going to flog on the wheels and buy some satin black OZ Ultralegerra (spelling again).

    I do like the idea of having an OEM+ track toy though, ultralight put it best saying 'I want a Renault GT3RS'..that's what I'm going for now. Totally agree with you on the speakers, they're utter shite!

    Re-re-map is down for next week still :smile:
  34. Mine is currently in pieces...
    easy enough to strip a car empty and make it "racy". GT3RS is the example (although that's too slow...) :wink:

    Need to meet up again once mine is assembled :wink:
    Taken it out on Sunday for a quick spin. We're getting there.

  35. It's all about the lubrication; I find my box doesn't need too much, just a top-up now and again.

    It's just a phase I'm going through! I'm actually deliberating taking the rear RS badge off (again!). As long as you're sure they're RHD this time, could you please send me the link to the black headlights. I'm also thinking the car looks a little dated and under-wheeled with the 18" Cup wheels. If/when I'm ever flush again I think a set of later model 19's would look good. The black OZ's will look great though on your track special. Are you getting rid of those silly blue ones in the end then?

    Renault GT3RS - they already make one - it's called the Trophy R.

    Ok, keep me posted, good luck!
  36. One could argue that.
    On the R26R I'd agree, but the Trophy R doesn't go as far as that.
  37. I’ve never seen in a TR so can’t comment with any authority. I thought they were similarly stripped out.

    If I were doing the RSGT3RS though I’d fit a set of proper RS Sabelt seats and belts (like I did in my 172), they look great and give it a sense of OEM+.
  38. Yes. That's what my car has become. Went for different suppliers, but my car feels quite OEM. Although most isn't.

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