water problem (scuttle drains)

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  1. have found water in passenger foot well. checked scuttle drains and the drivers side is full and drain is blocked.
    so 1st off - any hints on unblocking? stuck a bit of tubing down there and nothing budged. blew into it nothing budged.
    i have brought some drain unblocked mr muscle stuff. will that be alright to use?
    gonna give it a good going at tomorrow morning.

    next question. drying out the inside of the car. is the easiest way really a full interior removal? drivers side seems to be dry gonna check properly tomorrow, really hope i don't need to remove it all!

    i got vax and sucked all the standing water out. also ripped out the bit of foam in the cubby hole in the floor but there seems to be water further back!

    why why WHY did i bu another french car! feel like torching the thing at the moment.

    also anyone low someone in portsmouth area that will sort it all for me before i break anything!

    thanks for reading hope your not too bored
  2. Yeah seen all of those threads. Was hoping someone would say I don't need to remove the interior. Guess that's my job over the weekend then!!
  3. Unlucky buddy I had the same problem this time last year. Full interior removal was needed. It was an utter biatch to do so don't envy what you're about to experience.

    If you need any pointers give me a shout.

    Be careful with clearing the drains. I ripped my drivers side and pushed it down into the cavity and had to get a new one and pay RST to remove the old one/fit new one. It wasn't easy I can tell you that! Plug hole unblocker didn't help me either!
  4. so this morning i have taken it apart again and fed a fit of flex hose down both drains and then stuck a air can on the other end and hey presto unblocked!
    have but 2-3 kettles of water down both and they seem to clear out quick enough. will water test during the week to make sure it is sorted.

    so thats that sorted now to tackle the interior. that can wait until monday i think.

    one last thing. the seal at the bottom of the windscreen, attached to the long bit you remove, this doesn't make a tight seal to the windscreen. there are small gaps in places along the bottom. is this gonna cause any issues or will it drain into the same place and into the drain holes?
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  5. Not that I know of. I had same issue but then used hair drier and reshaped to windscreen.
  6. i currently have no carpet, foam, rear seats or passenger seat in my car! just took it for a quick drive with air con on.

    WOW IT SOUNDS COOL haha tempted to leave it out.

    now for the helpful bits.

    if your gonna do it start with the gear stick. this bit gave me the most headache as i couldn't get the thing off. i thought i was just removing the gear knob but it seems the whole thing comes off leaving behind a skinny gear stick.

    next the seats 4 bolts and a plug. dead easy!

    then the centre console few screws, 2 hidden under gear stick surround, the square plastic part. they had me stumped for a few minutes.

    rear seats held in buy 4 plastic hinges. removed those and then removed the actual hinges from the car base.

    then the hand brake...... for obvious reasons didn't wanna mess with this too much, undone the 4 13mm nuts and then cut the carpet and foam underneath. you will never see this as its all covered and the handbrake will hold it all in place.

    removed the carpet from the car and then the foam. couldn't work out how to remove the foam bit high up in the peddles as its around something and didn't want to cut too much.

    soooo at the moment i have vaxed as much water out the foam bits as possible and they are now dotted around the house in front of radiators.

    given the carpet a good hoover and they look like new so this is a bit of a bonus.

    just waiting for the zircon to do its thing and drain all the condensation out so i can rule this out.

    anything else anyone thinks i should check?

    going to water test it later today. from what i could see earlier both drain holes have cleared and it rained a lot last night.

    fingers crossed its sorted but not gonna refit it all until maybe thursday just to be on the safe side.

    this has taken approx 4 hours to remove. it was only myself that done it. I'm not a mechanic but am handy with a screwdriver. its easy to be honest
  7. well just done a water test.

    drivers side poured water into drain and seemd to flow pretty quickly and could see water pour outside the car quite quick.

    passengers side. lifted plastic panel. poured a cup of water directley down drain and it filled up. it drains really slowly. then noticed water pouring into the footwell.

    i thought the water comes through air vent? or can it come through another way.
    have tried unblocking drain but it doesn't seem to budge.
    should the water go out as fast as it goes in?
    is this another issue do you think?
    can see water coming in footwell but water is going straight down drain hole.

    HELP PLEASE !!!!
  8. some progress today.

    managed to completely unblock passenger drain hole. seems to come out near the mud flap so much crap came out!
    stuck hose pipe down it and let it run and it didn't over flow or come into the cabin.

    i then did another water test and water started to come into the cabin

    i think i have found the issue.
    it seems to come in around where that cable goes down the drain.
    there seems to be a little crack maybe right next to it in the rubber.

    for a quick fix i have pumped silicone around it and hopefully that will fix the issue right now. will let it set and test again.

    what next? is there anything i can repair it with?

    I really hope this is it as when i was testing i was trying to block water going down the hole and just letting it sit in the well and nothing came in. as soon as i let the water free it dribbled into the cabin by the footwell.

    such a bad bad design!
  9. failed again this morning. off to my mech to sort. can't spend anymore time on it!
  10. isnt there a drain hole in the middle aswel
  11. No just one either side.
  12. I heard there was one in the middle somewhere
  13. Deffo only 2 on my R26. 1 each side.
  14. Think I might have this issue with mine. The above guide will help

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