250 water coming from boot lock. wheres it getting in?

Discussion in 'Exterior & Bodywork' started by mitch, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. With all the rain recently I have noticed there is some water running from within the boot lock when I open it. It must be running, collecting inside the boot lid and back down through the lock when I open the boot .

    Any ideas where it might be getting in?

    250 btw
  2. I'm having the exact same problem on mine at the moment. Has anyone found out where it's likely to be getting in? I'm guessing it's the seal around the boot? Although mine looks to be in decent nick.
  3. I've never really had a close look at my boot but I know that the mk2 and mk3 Clios would allow water into the boot via the black round discs that sat around the boot edge, the seal under them would perish with age allowing water ingress.My 197 boot was like a swimming pool when I found this out.
    Some people reported the seal under the light units also perishing but there tended to be more signs that they had gone.

    May or may not be the same but maybe a starting point?
  4. Arent they designed for water ingress, as there drain hole either side of the boot latch?
  5. The latch on the 250 is behind the boot seal, so I can't imagine there should be any water getting in there.

    Opened the boot this morning and water poured out of the boot latch as the boot lifted, so it seems that water is getting into the boot door rather than the boot itself.

    I changed the boot lifters recently so I wonder if they've changed the fit of the boot? Either the water is getting in around the top of the boot somewhere and dripping down, or it's getting in around the wiper. I'm leaning towards the former.

    I'll disconnect the lifters and see how it goes over the next few days.
  6. I ment boot button, but have you checked the drains arent blocked
  7. Which drains? I didn't spot anywhere while I was looking this morning. There are two rubber grommets covering holes at the sides of the boot but I didn't see anything near the boot switch itself. I'll have a look when I'm out of work to see if I can find any.
  8. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    My boot switch went at the start of the year due to water ingress but I never sourced where it came from, not had any issues since
  9. The drains are normally a hole with a small hole each side with a rubber flap over the top
  10. Yeah I checked those last night and they were clear.

    There was a small amount of water in the latch this morning but nothing compared to before. I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens.
  11. I had a small leak on mine that came from the tailgate,leaked onto the back panel trim then ran down into the boot floor,it went into the dealers and was told it was the rear wiper grommet
  12. I had this today as well after the massive rain over the last two days - when opening boot, water poured out the latch.. My theory is the wiper grommet as well.. Can't see where else it could come from.. I was contemplating removing the trim to check for wetness, but taking out the 4 torx screws didn't seem to loosen it - is it clipped on or something?
  13. Yea it will be clipped on as well
  14. Did anyone ever find the cause?

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