wagner RS 250/265/275 intercooler

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by Rs250A, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. http://www.wagner-tuning.uk/renault.html

    Hi all I spoke to someone called matt at Wagner and he said they would do 10% off with 10 people wanting to buy or 5% with 5 of us

    let me know who would be intrested thanks
  2. I'm interested !
  3. Is anyone else interested in this? I certainly. It looks like a fantastic intercooler!
  4. I'm still up for it
  5. How do these rate against Airtec and the likes?
  6. That's the only thing I'm not sure about. RS Tuning recommend the Pro Alloy cooler.

    I thought the Wagner cooler looked good because it doesn't block the radiator too badly, but then the Pro Alloy cooler boasts how good it is for cooling as well, due to being so thin.

    So basically, I don't know for definite which one is better.
  7. In my opinion all 3 of these will do the job, there is very little between the performance and efficiency between them I would guess what may differ is the craftsmanship and build quality although having only ever seen the Airtec one its impossible for me judge.

    Airtec one

    Rolling Road test results – carried out @ amd 19/01/16 – Ambient temperture 1 degrees

    • Standard intercooler
    • Run 1 – into intercooler 147 degrees – out of intercooler going to engine 55 degrees
    • Run 2 – into intercooler 148 degrees – out of intercooler going to engine 58 degrees
    • Run 3 – into intercooler 146 degrees – out of intercooler going to engine 62 degree

    • Airtec intercooler
    • Run 1 – into intercooler 157 degrees – out of intercooler going to engine 19 degrees
    • Run 2 – into intercooler 152 degrees – out of intercooler going to engine 18 degrees
    • Run 3 – into intercooler 155 degrees – out of intercooler going to engine 20 degrees
    Test Results – The stage 2 Airtec intercooler gained 36bhp and 38.4 lbft torque agaisnt the stock Renault intercooler

  8. Having had both intercoolers fitted to my car,Airtec & Pro Alloy, the difference between them is the Airtec does look slightly agricultural to the Pro Alloy. My Airtec was sent back after Paul @RS tuning was having issues with power output from my car. Airtec tested it & found an issue with flow(this may just have been a duff one). The Pro Alloy does look like a nice piece of kit. Water temps do get there quickly, probably from the cooler blocking flow to the rad. I will soon be fitting the turbo cooler to see how much this changes that.
  9. So is anyone interested in the group buy?
  10. I've got Wagner intercoolers on my B5 RS4
  11. I'm going to order mine today unless anyone is up for this group buy with me?
  12. I'm up for the group buy but doesn't look like many others are !!
  13. Looks really nice.
    I'd love to have one but I can't afford it right now, even with the great discount.

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to fit both the Wagner intercooler and the Pro Alloy turbo cooler together on the same car?
    I'm thinking that would be my ideal setup but on the Pro Alloy site it says that the turbo cooler fills the space where the OEM intercooler was fitted. With the Wagner one being a direct replacement will there still be space for it?
  14. Approx 1/4 of the Pro cooler sits where the std cooler was but as its approx 1/4 thinner than a std cooler and taller there's space behind the Pro to fit an aux rad (turbo cooler). If I had a pic of my Pro setup fitted you'd see what I meant.
  15. Did any of you get the Wagner intercooler fitted in the end?
    If so, what did you think of it?
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  16. I did be up for one as well, the Wagner one that is....
  17. How much additional lag does a Wagner IC cause? The increase in volume is a sizable 79%.
  18. I'd be up for it
  19. If only I had many more money!

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