VU60 WDX Silver 250 Sutton Coldfield

Discussion in 'Spotted!' started by JlllCK J, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. BBFFCAD3-E36F-4803-9B1E-D31E00B7FC90.jpeg Anyone on here?? First one I have seen living round here :tongueout:
  2. I live 5 mins from Sutton, in Pheasey, Great Barr. I know of about 4 in a mile radius of me lol
  3. I’ve seen 2 white ones recently around the Four Oaks area but that’s about it. Just don’t see many at all!
  4. White one could be mine, and two of my mates have white ones and live within 1 mile of me lol
  5. If/when I see any again I'll try and get the plates lol. Saw another white one driving into center Sutton by the police station yesterday as I was coming out of a side road

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