Viewing a 275 trophy tomorrow!

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  1. Going to look at a 275 trophy tomorrow, just after some advice on anything to look out for as I’m completely new to Renaultsport cars, I’d also like to know what everyone thinks is a fair price for it? Car is liquid yellow, has ohlins and on 23k

    Cheers Corey
  2. Is this the one at Ktec?
  3. Hi mate

    I know I’ve messaged you about my car (not trying to put you off the trophy honest haha) Just thought I’d just give some pointers of things to look out for - I’d be looking out for the following on the trophy:

    Full timing belt service, water pump, aux belt and dephaser done as they’re overdue on the 2014 cars and due on the 2015 plate ones no matter the mileage.

    Gearbox bearing - Listen for a whining noise when going at speeds above 40mph (noticed mine most on the motorway at higher speeds in 6th) - this was more common in the trophy/275’s models.

    Apparently the Ohlins were recommended to be serviced at 4 years old/25000 miles

    See thread -Öhlins-optioned-car-owners-please-help.19650/

    Other than that and general maintenance they’re pretty solid cars and are fantastic to drive. You’ll not be disappointed!

    They were around 16k before Covid, add Liquid Yellow and low miles something between 17-19k at a dealer IMO. You can get the new trophy (albeit not limited run) for 25k now so I wouldn’t want to go much higher than that.
  4. Can't see anything advertised at ktec?

    Cambelt is good shout. Some peopld say late cars have chocolate gearbox.

    Not seen a car advertised with serviced ohlins as yet. Only problem i have had is leaky headlight fixed under warranty.

    As for price? Surely they can make up what the want. Last super low miles trophy I saw was a white full spec one at divine automotive for £20k. There black one was £17.5 i think so maybe £19k.
  5. The other thing is ktec just sold a £12k liquid clio 200. That's the highest I have seen one of those advertised.

    If we had not been in lockdown I was gonna take a look. £12k for a 9 year old yellow clio. Where do you find another?
  6. It is mate yes, you know it? It's been taken dowN now, from what they were saying it’s had a lot of interest

  7. Haha, k tec said they did the cambelt in 2018/19 they've looked after it for a little while, didnt ask about water pump or dephaser tho

    Il have a good listen for the gearbox whine and if its all good il be changing the oil for something ester based like nanodrive pretty much straight away

    Are they really? iv seen figures quoted between 25-40k i spoke with david from k tec today and he told me 50k bit naughty :/ dont suppose you know the rough cost for a rebuild on them?

    Yh i had in my head i didnt want to pay more than 19k just wanted to check with people that know abit more than me about them

    thanks for the help bud
  8. They've taken it down now, there was quite a bit of interest in it from what they were saying, i rang the day it was posted and was the 3rd serious buyer lol

    Cambelts been done, ohlins haven't although 1 front was replaced after 10/12k under warrenty

    Yh i mean, its literally the only one with that spec i can find on the internet :/, the black ones got nearly 40k and no ohlins for £17.5k
  9. If they were the ones that did the cambelt then I assume they did the full job.

    It’s just what I’ve seen online mate so don’t take me word for it, as mentioned above I’ve never actually seen a trophy advertised with the Ohlins being serviced, I just know it’s been mentioned a few times that it’s 25k miles/40k kilometres or 4 years. Anything between £500-£1000 I’ve seen quoted depending if they need anything more than just a strip and rebuild.

    Yeah somewhere around that is about right. Prices are a bit all over at the minute but the chance of another popping up in Liquid Yellow with those miles is very slim so it’s worth as much as someone’s willing to pay really.

    Hope all goes well mate!
  10. I paid £14850 for mine with 48k on, private sale though. Ohlins haven’t been rebuilt on mine and they still feel good.
  11. Check for front end knocking, could be balljoint issues on the wishbones or swivel hub.
  12. Did you go and see it?
  13. Any megane trophy I see for sale now seems to sell really quickly. Is the demand for these models as high as it seems ? I seen one on a website last night for 17k with approx 48k revento motors looks as though it has every optional extra.
  14. Trophies are definitely more in demand recently from what I can see, but to be honest I think it’s more the Liquid Yellow cars that seem to sell quickly and are most in demand.

    I’ve got my Flame Red 275 for sale and everyone I’ve spoke to who’s currently in the market for a 275/275 trophy just wants nothing but Liquid Yellow, even if it means a long wait/more mileage/significantly higher price.
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  15. Good news.....

    Liquid Yellow been commanding significant premium in 182 and now 200 clio also.

    The price premium means it was never popular when new.
  16. I like flame red. As the press cars were that colour all the road tests use that colour. That's the kind of thing that appeals to sad people like me....
  17. I think liquid yellow is less common because of this reason - Flame Red being the main press car colour.

    If I’m correct Flame Red was first available on the 275 Nav/Cup-S whereas liquid yellow appeared on the 265/275 Trophy, so I think people jumped at the chance of Flame Red in the last MK3’s.

    I don’t think I’ve seen a Liquid Yellow 275 for sale that isn’t a trophy. And I look most days.
  18. I jumped on my liquid cup-s when I got it 2.5 years ago. First car I bought without seeing. Only had one poor pic too, as wheels were away for a refurb when the dealer put up.

    Mine was I think one of the last half dozen off the line. The last car off the line was also ly there was an article on it. I have also seen another 66 plate ly cup-s with zero spec 18 months back.

    So I reckon theg did a batch at the end and offloaded to dealers as stock essentially after car discontinued. My cars first owner bought as a pre reg at 6 months old. I think it was heavily discounted fir first owner.then I bought pretty much for the same price as first owner.... now if values are to be believed it is still pretty close to that now. Still got 6 months renault warranty on it!

    Yellow is amazing. Look out at work carpark all white, grey, silver. Monotone pallet. Then my meg and my mates orange focus st.
  19. Just letting everyone know I ended up buying the car I was really happy with it up until yesterday :/ car lost a bit of power then started idling a bit rough eml lights come on with a message saying check anti pollution system :/ anyone had this before?

    Got to really enjoy the car first few days of ownership and I can’t believe what a capable car it is for a pretty much standard car, such a great chassis on them
  20. Might be a dodgy lamda sensor - had the same thing on my R26. Not a major job to replace, but I don’t think they are easy to test for failure unless you buy a new one?
  21. aaa


    Something similar happened to me. It started saying Check injection system, check pollution system and check ESC. On mine the issue was that the screw of the MAP sensor got unscrewed, the sensor fell off the air duct too and car went into limp mode. That sensor is on the air duct between the engine and the aircooler
  22. Glad to hear you got the car you wanted and are loving it, they really are great cars! - It definitely looked very good on the pictures on the advert.

    Not sure how far you travelled, but I'd just be giving Ktec a call and taking it to them rather than trying to find out what the issue is yourself, it's probably something simple, but that's what warranty is for.
  23. Have a good look aver the engine bay, for sensors etc, maybe a loose sensor or plug.
  24. Really like he flame red meganes they look brillaint. I have only seen 1 or 2 in person. The meganes seem to hold there money quite well too. I was luck to get mine when I did. Was the first person to call the dealership when it wet uo for sale, if I hadn't called right away the car would have been long gone.
  25. My car was used as a press car lol def. When you go onto YouTube and look at the 275 trophy videos my car is the first car to come up lol. Think drive goodwood and x car used it whe the were released. Still feels excellent I was a bit worried it had been abused but I know one of the previous owners had it about 4-5 year and looked after it well.

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