VIDEO: EVO Mag Test Ohlins vs Std Cup setup on the Mk3!!!!

Discussion in 'Megane Media' started by papps, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. Evo set to test the difference the Ohlins suspension makes to the Mk3....Enjoy!

  2. Good video
  3. I saw that, 0.4 seconds over a lap is a fair difference, but what's the cost of the setup for that much lap time? Guess it's worth it if that's really what you're after!
  4. The cost is £1000 extra, for the dampers.

    Not worth it as I've always said, on a road car. Nobody would listen to me, hence why I've got one of the few Trophy's with standard suspension. And the cumulative interest of a grand in my back pocket x4 years.

    The car doesn't need it - or the 19"wheels. Honestly the standard car is more than enough on the road.

    For evidence, ask the driver of the Leon Cupra 280 that tried it on today. He lost.
  5. I personally don't think it's worth it although I would still want it just because you can.

    What happend 275 vs 280 in a straight line?
  6. Yeah I think it's more for car park bragging rights! Seems nice to be able to adjust it, but for that price I wouldn't really be bothered!
  7. In all honesty no average joe is going to be able to get the 4 tenths out of them but if you can afford to have them then why wouldn't you. Personally for me being a car nut is all about experimenting and new toys, I'd be out all the time fiddling with the settings. Who wouldn't.
  8. Agree with all of the above (comments)!
  9. i wouldn't want one without the Ohlins, just like to have the good stuff on my cars, it would make feck all difference for me, but would love it to twiddle with.

    Right, Pistonheads for a looksie
  10. I completely agree, if you can afford a car with everything on it, then you'd be silly not to have it, even you have no idea how to use it! Nobody buys these cars to have a poverty spec run around!
  11. Good video.
    can you buy the ohlins suspension from Renault? Might be an option for my track build.
  12. I gave up watching that about 75% through. Of course its going to be better....each segment "lets start with the std car....its good, but...." then the ohlins car "instant improvement...." I would be pissed if I spent that extra cash for it not to be better. Although its all about the feel not the lap times for me...enjoying the drive and the reward of the feedback.

    I would have loved an Ohlins trophy but could not find one. I find the std set up very twitchy, although some would say "sharp", but very capable. Having driven coiled cars before, once they are set up there is a huge improvement over std in all driving conditions. I will be changing mine at some point, when I feel that the std set up on track is no longer doing it for me. Or when its time to invest cash to improve the car.
  13. The option was £2k when I ordered mine around this time last year.

    Mine's another without - that money wasn't far off covering the purchase of my Clio 172 + insurance for my commute...

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