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  1. after installing b14 Bilstein there was a vibration
    Does anyone know because for that it goes
  2. was vehicle lowered ??
  3. Yes mate.
  4. so vibration is probably from lowering and drive shafts are not that happy, depending on mileage and how lo its gone the shafts can still last a good long time, could try raising bit to loose vibration

  5. and what can I just buy new driveshafts? nothing else helps?
    I heard about driveshaft spacer !!maybe I need to use it?
  6. Do you fit the coilovers yourself or a garage
  7. at garage mate !
  8. I'd double check everything to make sure it's all tight.
  9. I check it all and there is no any problems !!
    heard that this because of lowering !! i have the same problem wen I was on bcracing!!
    and then I setup cup suspension with grams springs vibration is gone !!
  10. What's the height measurement from the floor to the wheel arch
  11. here it is the photo of car mate
    I setup b14 at the lower position

  12. the Grams don't lower the car as much as you can with BC so thats probably why not getting vibration with Grams, also unless going really lo (top of tyre is inside wheel-arch) then dont need spacer

  13. I thought that the spacer heals vibration when car lowered (((
  14. The spacer is just keep drive shaft from coming out gearbox when suspension is fully compressed the vibration is from angle of drive shaft when car is lowered

  15. and there is no any chance to heal vibration without make car higher? with stock camber at front
  16. First need find out reason for vibration, is it all time or just from slow speed when accelerating plus how bad is it ?
  17. only at full throttle mate
  18. typical when lowering car
  19. I need to tell you that the spacer that is placed on the driveshaft does not solve the problem
  20. I haven't setup it yet mate
  21. and what is the decision of that problem?
  22. two options, if vibrations not too bad and cars not silly lo then could probably live with it for years I did - or - raise vehicle 15/20mm
  23. thank you mate
  24. Did you loosen the control arm bolts to the chassis on front and rear when you put the lowered car back to the ground after
    fitting the coilovers? If not, the rubber bushes will warp cause they have another tension condition then before when the car was on stock height. You can move the car over a mounting pit (sorry, I´m German ) and untight all control arm bolts just a bit. Then rock the car up and down to reset it and retorque the bolts. Then the rubbers will be relaxed to the lowered positon (and will last much longer). If you have a service lift, jack the car up, loosen the bolts and put a hydraulik floor jack underneath the wheels. Lift the wheels carefully against the suspension till the body itself starts to lift. Then retorque the particular bolts. Performing the first method would be better, because the anti roll bar is not involved, with the service lifter is it. Shouldn´t make that big difference.
  25. BTW: My 2016 Trophy is fitted with a KW Clubsport, lowered about 30 mm against Trophy Setup. Of course I did the relaxing of the rubber bushes as talked above. No vibrations at all, no noises, even with steel top mounts.

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