VBD lowered Recaro adaptors for R26 etc.

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by Jon foz, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. 40847ED9-E5D9-41D3-8720-4FE227C6F92C.jpeg 25D2DD9E-6061-4297-8617-87E89C7801FC.jpeg 2FC90E77-335A-474A-BCBF-2FA804F6DCB9.jpeg Now in stock.

    My newest product,the VBD lowered Recaro adaptors for R26.

    These replacement adaptors will give a 63mm drop.

    Finish is black powder coating.

    Price is £220.This includes driver & passenger side adaptors.

    Collection welcome from Merseyside.

    Post is £16.

    Any PayPal fees to be covered.
  2. Looking to get a set of these in the new year. Just need to get the festivities out of the way first!
  3. Can you do drivers side only??
  4. Might be able to.

    If I split a set it would be £130 for drivers side collected or plus post

  5. Are you splitting sets now? If so I can send the money for a driver's side today.
  6. Not yet.Ive only ordered 10 sets,3 sets gone in last few days and had a few who want to collect after the holidays.

    I could do with some LHD owners who want the other side :wink:
  7. DE3B5AC6-460B-492A-A950-A0BF06D3BD2B.png 109B6734-F6F1-489F-8295-8D7649F50891.png A3D0FB12-3968-490D-91F8-B3BFD03C71CC.png 7BDCEA45-C72D-45A2-A4BF-1BBD852125DA.png These do require minor modifications to your slider handle.

    These can be done by hand using basic tools.
  8. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    Any chance of a group buy price say if 5 people were interested?
  9. Mine arrived today, great quality.
    I'll try to get them fitted at the weekend.

    Anyone fitted theirs yet?
  10. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

  11. Mine are in - Those pics Jons posted are my car.

    Take a bit of getting used to but they're great!
  12. Nice. I bet the driving position feels a lot better now!
  13. Finished fitting the drivers side today. Bit fiddly getting some of the bolts back in but the driving position is way better.
    Couple of pics showing the difference in height. The adapters feel very substantial and fit perfectly.

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  14. Thanks for the feedback Mark.

    I’ve got a few sets in stock at the moment.

  15. Great mod. cant believe how much lower you sit in the car. this and a short shift has transformed the car. worth every penny. fast delivery.well packaged with emails on fitting advice. Cheers Jon
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