VBD Long & Low Subframes for R26 etc

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by Jon foz, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. IMG_0415.JPG IMG_0414.JPG IMG_0415.JPG I've now got in stock my VBD Long & Low Subframes for mounting bucket seats in Megane R26 etc.

    These give a lowered seating position and are extended in length to give a greater range of forward and backwards movement.

    Universal to suit driver or passenger side.

    Finish is black powder coating.

    Price is £140 for two collected from Merseyside.

    Post is £16

    Fees to be covered.

    Soon to be released;Will be releasing my VBD Lowered Recaro adaptors in next few months.

    Hoping to have prototypes in a few weeks
  2. Watching with interest, as I'd like the Recaros in my 250 to sit lower.
  3. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Madeno racing alresdy so lowered subframes for the CS's
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  4. I'm not familiar with the 250 set up.

    I'd like to see the original Renault set up from underneath the seats.
  5. You've told me this. I forgot. Nice one.
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  6. Id be interested in some lowered adaptors for my R26 Recaro Trendlines
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  7. ^This^

    Looking forward to seeing what you produce.
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  8. IMG_0402.PNG IMG_0403.PNG IMG_0404.PNG Some of my current VBD products I've been supplying for Clio MK2 over the past few years.

    VBD Lowered Recaro adaptors

    VBD standard Recaro adaptors

    VBD Clio X-Low subframes
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  9. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    out of curiosity whats does vbd stand for
  10. :sunglasses:
    VanBlaggard Developments:sunglasses:
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  11. Fair enough!
  12. I'm imminently getting my Corbeau XL buckets just as soon as they're back in stock, so happy to give them ago.

    Would these be a bolt-in fitment with your subframes, vs the hassle with KTR and XL seats?

    Do they just come in orange, or is black available?

    Being lower presumably these would also work with runners?
  13. My subframes have a wider set of sidemount holes to accommodate wider seats or runners.

    You can use runners too.

    They are 20mm lower than the K-Tec units.

    They don't actually come in orange.

    These are my own set for publicity shots

    The finish is black powder coating

    I've a couple of sets left from this batch

  14. I've fitted these today , no drilling or faffing, cobra pro fit just bolt straight in and 20mm lower than the Ktecs as well, quick delivery and a lovely finish.
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  15. Waiting for news from the lower subframe to recaro megane 2
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  16. Me too. Will we still need to send our recaro mounts or are you making something from scratch?
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  17. These are going to be complete new adaptors.

    No time without your car etc.

    Come finished in black powder coating.

    I might run an offer with the first few sets to take existing ones on an exchange basis if it helps.

  18. Excellent.

    Any info on prices with/without receiving the originals on exchange?

    Also, will these come as a complete set only (drivers and passengers side) or available individually?
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  19. No pricing yet as not had the prototypes.

    Will work out the exchange basis once I have stock in front of me.

    Will only be on a limited amount to get members feedback etc.

    They will only be available as sets of driver and passenger at first as they're not universal and I can't be left with a mountain of passenger sets.

    Thanks for the interest.

  20. IMG_0773.JPG IMG_0771.JPG IMG_0769.JPG IMG_0768.JPG Prototypes for Megane R26 etc Trendline arrived today.

    Need a few tweeks before production though,I'm going to try and finalise designs next week.

    Here is a taster for those who've messaged me for updates.
  21. Prices????
  22. No prices as yet as not received final production ready parts.

    as soon as I'm happy with the fit I can get the pricing finalised.

  23. Looking forward to these! One question does the seat belt pre tensioner bolt on the same as standard?
  24. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

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  25. Hi Mark.Yes,the seat belt will bolt up using your existing bolt etc.

    It's not fitted in those pics as they are the bare adaptors.

    There are strengthening plates and so on to be welded in yet.

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  26. Would they be bare as in The pictures?

    So we can have them either sprayed or powder coated ourselves?
  27. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    I can vouch for JON's work, having both his subframe's for the Recaro Trendline's fitted to my Clio Trophy, and then another set for a pair of Corbeau Clubsport's.

    Both sets were incredibly well made, and improved the driving position no end!

    I can only imagine these will be just as well received in the Megane.

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  28. If you wanted a raw steel set I could keep some back from powder coating for you.
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  29. Thanks for the kind words
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  30. Megane MK2 Long & Low subframes back in stock.

    £140 for two collected from Merseyside

    Post is £16

    Any fees to be covered

  31. Message sent.
  32. What's the best way to get the seats out? Unbolt the subframes from the runners?
  33. Are these the ones for the standard recaros?
  34. No, I thought the same thing. ( I even bought a set thinking they'd sell out immediately! )
    It wasn't 'till Jon asked me if I was fitting buckets that I realised.
  35. No.These are for bucket seats.

    Will be doing a separate thread to show progress in my VBD adaptors for the Recaro Trendline seats.
  36. Just remove the lot by taking the 4 x Torq bolts from the runners.

    On the Megane you need to completely remove the lot to swap the adaptors over.
  37. Do the Trendlines sit any lower than the standard sports seats?
  38. IMG_0960.JPG IMG_0961.JPG IMG_0957.JPG Just a bit Marc
  39. Cheers buddy.
  40. 349DC54C-BF42-46BB-8CA5-F10E51511FD2.jpeg 07C2AF23-401E-49EA-B8A5-B65B9F84FCA1.jpeg 96CB8BE8-87C1-491B-9A56-9B15B70F6B25.jpeg 8A335259-F6DE-4287-B934-D14C0D847A49.jpeg FAAE1465-FA3B-4C1D-9473-F90ED281D1F2.jpeg

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