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  1. Hi All

    I have had my R26 about a month now and knew i could end up with some electrical issues having done a lot of research before buying.

    However i have a few more now than i thought i would and would be grateful if someone could give me some tips or advice on what im struggling with?

    1: Drivers side door handle wont keyless lock. (passenger side works) Is this just a new handle that is required?
    2: Interior lights. I may be wrong but i think the previous owner installed LED interior lights. They flash when the alarm is set but not if i open the door or use the switches in the head lining.
    3: Cruise control gives an error "Check cruise control". A few people have said it could be the brake pedal switch the ones thats in the passenger footwell, but the brake lights are working so im not sure if thats pointing to something else. The speed limiter does work.
    4: The rear windscreen wiper seems to have a bit of a mind of its own. When i turn on the ignition it start going even though its off on the stalk. It goes for about 6 seconds and then stops in random places. It does then work if i turn on the stalk but again wont stop in the correct spot.
    5: Auto light. They seem to work ok but i am getting an error telling me to "check auto lights"

    Im trying not be be too disheartend as i love driving the car just would really like to get these bits sorted. I may end up booking it into a specialist but i thought that if there are any "easy" fixes i could try myself that might save me a little money.

    thanks in advance

  2. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    1. it might need a new switch inside the door handle, you can get them from renault or you could replace the whole handle. you could remove the switch from this and fit it to yours


    2. you could try fitting halogen bulbs to see if the leds are at fault. they could be cheap ones that are dodgy

    3. could be a clutch or brake pedal switch, does the green/orange light show when you flick the switch on the dash?

    4. check the earths on the rear of the boot under the boot lock

    5. this could be the sensor thats on the windscreen where the rear view mirror is
  3. Thank you Matt.

    ill check all that out and post back, thanks!
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  4. Matt do you if it was a brake light switch that the brake lights would still come on. I checked that last night and they do. Do you think that would point to the clutch switch rather than the brake switch?
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  5. First thing i'd do is take off all that crap led stuff, put everything back to normal, then take it from there!
  6. HI Lee, yes im all for that as not that worried about having internal LEDs.

    Ive order new clutch and brake switches from renault and a door switch to try and sort points 1 and 3. I will then look to get rid of the LEDs. Is it likely they have just changed the bulbs or is there more to it than that
  7. Led lights can really mess up a wiring system if not fitted properly and fitted with the correct resistors etc, plus where have they tapped the wiring in to get a feed, and has it been done properly?
    Think logically, are your clutch switch, brake switch and door switch all going to fail at the same time, really? Very unlikely, but, if someone has messed about with the part of the wiring loom your brake switch, clutch switch and door switch share! Well, that's why i would investigate where they've wired this into, take it out, then you've at least ruled it out(do this before throwing parts at it, honestly!) , i bet the car was fine before this led thingy was wired in! :-)
    It's either this led that's messing up things up, or coincidentally you have a bad earth somewhere, bad earths can cause mayhem, as in why's that going crazy, why's that going crazy etc and none of it makes sense.!
    I won't even start about the canbus network and how one faulty module causes problems in other modules! :-)
  8. Thanks lee. I don’t know where to start with all this so I’ll give a specialist a shout. Cheers
  9. This is what has been used.

    Is it worth just pulling them all out or would the person who did this have done something more than just replace the bulbs with these?

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  10. I had this trouble when I bought my car. Turned out to be the shite led stop and tail light bulbs. Fitted normal ones and the electrical fault and cruise control fault went away.
  11. As i said above and as others have said, leds if not fitted properly can screw things up, if you're going to spend money on anything, pay someone to remove all that led crap.
  12. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    nothing wrong with LED bulbs, the megane doesnt have canbus like a volkswagen where the car tells you if a bulb is out. the only thing you have to worry about if you have the polarity right. even then all you have to do is turn the bulbs the other way.

    try buying new led bulbs, i got mine from here and haven't had any trouble with them

  13. I agree there's nothing with led bulbs, but there is something wrong with the way some diy people fit them:-)
    Im a biker too and fitting led lights on motorcycles can screw up indicator flash timing etc, they need their own resistors to integrate with the oe wiring.
    I did mention an earth problem was a possibility too.
  14. I wouldn’t bother dude unless they are potentially life threat Even if you fixed ALL these issues there will be a new one THE NEXT DAY!!!! Welcome to the world of R26 ownership :-(

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