R26 Urgent Lower Arm Query

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  1. Hi,

    I'm just in the process of re-fitting the lower arms to my R26 after a refurb, and i notice there's a distinct difference between them where the anti rotation link fits. The NSF one has a raised spacer (pictured, stamped J324) and the OSF has a hole (pictured, stamped J367), but no raised spacer.

    Is this correct, or has someone unknowingly replaced an R26 lower arm with a 225 one at some point?



  2. I'm pretty sure all RS model ones (225, r26/26r) are the same, with the correct one being the one with the spaced part.

    I'm not sure what the other one is as they obviously don't have this link on lower spec models, but they also use a different ball joint design too...:smirk:

    I assume you've had new ball joints fitted? They look new anyway
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  3. From looking at it further im thinking the spacer is an insert that's pushed into the hole, and it's gone walkabouts when the place i took it to change the bushes and remove the anti-rotation links has cut them off... oh shit!
  4. Quite possibly,but as you said....oh shit! You can't bolt the link to that hole as it is.

    What did you get done to the wishbones to refurb them,and where out if interest?
  5. MBC


    I'd do a make shift job for now and try and source the part!
    Have you got an OEM part of patent part as they always have to be slightly different.

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  6. Confirmed that the anti-rotation link was pretty much welded to the spacer, so it was unknowlingly cut and hammered out when getting the anti-rotation link out of the 1 arm.

    I can't find any part number for this as it looks like the spacer is part of the arm - but it is definitely a separate spacer that is hammered into the arm and held there under friction - it's not tacked or welded on which i can confirm from the other one.

    I'll have to find someone with a lathe to make one up for me!

  7. MBC


    Yep! Simple enough! How frustrating though :/

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  8. I have the exact same problem as this today. Did you manage to sort yours?

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  9. Yes they are different.

    The R26 has the extra holes and the spacer for the anti-rotation link.

    I ended up getting one made out of stainless steel from a friend with a lathe. I could ask to get some more made up if there was any interest?

    The lower height was also very slightly out, i'd say it should be 4mm not 5.
  10. Thanks for getting back to me. I managed to get the original off in the end, so have re-used it.

    However need to get the nearside done, so will probably be the same! lol.

    If you could ask to see how much it would cost that would be great. Thank you
  11. Was trying to get the link off my arm today and the spacer has separated from the arm - luckily I haven't lost it (I haven't actually got the link off yet!) but I'm a bit worried about putting it all back together.

    Is it definitely just held in by friction, or is it meant to be tacked or welded or something and I need to fix it?
  12. Yes it's just press fit into the lower arm, it's not welded or anything.
  13. Chris79

    Chris79 RSM Club Member

    Can you or anyone else confirm the dimensions of these spacers as both my arms have come back from refurb without them. Cheers

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