Uprated fuel system?

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  1. As long as you don’t let the fuel run low it’ll be fine. Had mine with the 250 turbo, fmic 630s, exhaust ect ran on track a lot. 280/300. Zero issues.
  2. Sounds similair to mine - Airtec Cooler, Ktec Induction, 250 Turbo, Injectors, 200 Cell Cat with 3 inch exhaust.

    I havent driven one with more then 300, I have a 350bhp VW Caddy and that is of course a lot heavier but still spins up easily in 2nd and sometimes 3rd can only imagine similar ar lower power in the Meg!?
  3. I’ve got one of these but it’s no good for a standard fuel system.

    My Garage phoned to say they can’t fit it so I queried it with Cooksport who confirmed the following:

    ‘This item isn’t a direct replacement for the OE rail. It’s physical fitment is, but the part is intended to be used as part of an upgraded fuel system. Something common on High power Meganes. As such you will need fuel lines, pressure regulator, M12x1.5 fittings to the pipes too as a minimum, you may wish to implement fuel pumps, external filters or swirl pots to your own design.‘

    The danST is supposed to be direct replacement. I’ve asked them if there is any requirement for other parts of the fuel system to be changed.
  4. DanSt rail is designed for uprated return type fuel system same as the cooksport rail.

    You will need to add a return line, aftermarket regulator and modify the sender or add swirl pot and another pump on either rail setup.

    The main issue with stock setup is fuel surge as said above, you will need to keep above 1/4 of a tank on track.

    Mk3 centre fed rail is different setup as rising rate on the rail and will need a 5bar reg and uprated intank pump and mapping to suit if used properly. However you will still need to keep above 1/4 of a tank of fuel as its still using the normal sender.
  5. The theory is that the centre fed rail with a better regulator system should be safer out on track, even with the original sender. I did get a misfire around a long right hander with under 1/4 of a tank with the standard set up, so I do think it is a real issue.

    I'm looking at starting to fit these parts tomorrow. I've got a new pump, in tank regulator, 250 rail & reg. I'll also need to tap into the inlet manifold to get a pressure feed for the reg on the rail.

    Hopefully I'll get this sorted and mapped before they fully ban gasoline cars :tearsofjoy:
  6. Its the fuel slosh in the tank when low that causes the surge issues on mk2 so need to sort that to cure the issue. Proper swirl pot is the best option for a dedicated track car.
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    yes it is, just have to make sure you have at least 1/4 of a tank, my biggest problem was at Spa was filling up when it was getting close to a 1/3 of a tank probably the worse track for surge i have been at.
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