265 Update on Remap on my RB08 RS265

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  1. Thought i'd do a follow up on my remap with some info for those who may be interested.
    Firstly I got a remap on my RS 265 around 5 months ago, a week before mapping I also fitted a cone filter and blanking plate. for the record the addition of a blanking plate is pretty much silent unless you do the cone filter, after doing the cone filter and blanking plate you get the great turbo chatter noise, in fact it was very loud, so I decided to enclose the cone a bit to help reduce noise and also help with heat soak, this worked well, chatter was fairly loud but not too loud, for the record the car loses a slight amount of spool up when you fit the blanking plate, basically the internal dump valve re-routes the air back into the turbo to prevent turbo lag, when you blank it off, you lose this, it basically means the car takes a half second longer to get spooling as you change gears, anyway the car performed flawless otherwise... So then I got a map done and boost went up from something like 1.1 to 1.4 car was pulling well however there was a slight hiccup mid revs / boost as your pushing through the gears, felt like over fuelling, anyway the guy who did the map said he believes its from the blanking plate, which I found hard to believe, anyway I don't race the car, just drive 12km's to work and back each day and loved the chatter so wasn't ready to remove it. for the record the map only hiccuped in sport mode. So long story short, its been 5 months and all is well, map is great apart from hiccup and the chatter is awesome, anyway I was going to remove the blanking plate and see if it removes the hiccup, for the record it did remove the hiccup and map is smooth..
    So if anybody is thinking of doing a remap on a 265 its def worth it, big difference in pull, and the blanking plate is amazing, I just wouldn't add the two together, unless you have a remap shop that say they can make them both work :-) BTW i run 95 fuel, its all we have in South Africa.. just some feedback use it, don't use it :-)
  2. Blanking plate fitted on mine, remapped to 300bhp, no "hiccup" in revs
  3. its all about the mapping ability, reno factory map has some quirks that a good mapper should know
  4. Nice Phil, wish I had blank plate and solid map, sadly there are few Renault tuners in South Africa ☹️
  5. Ahh damn yeah I can imagine they are few and far between!
  6. Nb the hiccup after fitting blanking plate was due to oil on plugs, the blanking plate is a great addition, sounds amazing, I took mine back off after my wife’s turbo gave up, she didn’t have a blanking plate, but it made me bit wary
  7. Hi, did you solve the hiccup? My car suffer from the same.
  8. When mechanically sound, get it mapped properly, job done

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