Ultra blue r26 41k £8600

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    Evening all

    First of all I’m in no rush to sell this car so no silly off please. Some people may say the price is to high then again if your after a perfect no money spared example you have to stump up a little more than the average. Really if the car doesn’t sell for the asking price I’ll just keep the car locked away until it’s worth what I want.

    08 registered R26
    MOT 27/06/2019
    41000 miles
    8 stamps in service book

    Cambelt carried out by the previous owners son who is a race engineer for McLaren. Only receipt for belt purchased this may be a little of putting for some but wasn’t for me.

    Body work is immaculate apart from 2/3 stone chips on the front bumper and a few on the side, all have been touched up with a paint pen. Recaros are immaculate and have been covered the entire time of my ownership. Also steering wheel has been covered since the retrim.

    Modification carried out by the previous owner

    Miltek cat back

    Pro alloy intercooler

    Forge hard pipe kit

    Siemens 630 injectors

    RSTuning remap 283bhp/300ft/lb

    Modifications carried out by myself over the past 7 month

    1st time Renault elf
    2nd time Millers nano drive NT+ Engine oil

    Genuine oil filter

    Millers gearbox oil

    4 Bosch coils

    Genuine metal dipstick

    Genuine spark plugs gapped to 0.7

    Renault type d coolant

    RSTuning 3inch de-cat

    RSTuning remap 296bhp/303ft/lb printout

    Genuine N75 valve

    Forge Induction hose

    Forge recirculation valve yellow spring

    Ram air filter

    Genuine air temp sensor

    Genuine thermostat

    Genuine crankshaft sensor

    Genuine Coolant temp sensor

    Phil Watkins short shifter

    Febi engine mount powerflex insert

    Febi gearbox mount powerflex insert

    Febi upper torque mount

    Vibra-technics lower gearbox mount

    Forge sensor brackets

    Genuine sump gasket


    Turbosmart Gauge cup

    Turbosmart Boost gauge

    Steering wheel retrim

    Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB

    Boot mat

    Genuine Renaultsport Gear knob

    Genuine leather gaiter

    Black badge covers

    Sun strip

    Hydro dipped dash door hands and gear knob surround

    Rear tints removed


    Genuine F1 decals

    Maxton front splitter

    Maxton Side skirts

    Rainbow Indicator bulbs

    Side light bulbs

    LED number plate bulbs

    R26r lights

    R26r spoiler

    R26r foglight/headlamp washer blanks

    Genuine rear offside tail light

    Door handle caps

    Genuine middle exhaust hanger


    Genuine Front and rear shocks

    Genuine Top mounts

    Cooksport springs

    Genuine Bottom arms

    Genuine Drop links

    Genuine Anti rotation links

    Genuine track rods

    Genuine inner track rods


    Brembo HC front solid discs

    Pagid rear sold discs SNR bearing

    Front pads mintex 1144

    Rear pads genuine

    ATE typ200 fluid

    Wheels and tyres

    Alloy wheels refurb 3 months ago with new Michelin pilot sport 4 tyres

    Cars going in for a 4 wheel hunter alignment on Tuesday as I’ve just fitted new inner tie rods and track rod ends this afternoon.

    Thanks in advance If anyone’s generally interested drop me a pm.
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  2. Richardspeed10

    Richardspeed10 RSM Club Member

    1c5fe6d9707bdb2ed7f61e857f05a767.jpg d0fb1e344934d2154ceba12a400e737b.jpg 47f813229e423dc27bc7fe45d52b3b65.jpg e02098e9ccd733c1dcd3c9ce4ce89c58.jpg 3a2e6b3db319c123061efdd84b48963c.jpg 728fbee94be991854d1854dbb2e22447.jpg 2a10e397e7a696887481702184833d3b.jpg f9c3f750486d768b649f09fafba074b8.jpg d34cf91735bf28127d5cc3a72b79c128.jpg 9b8591dbf1395502068957e5f72acebe.jpg b2e6e0e9db1a5d0d4b9e0de79ba9822e.jpg 8c7209f854ba4b21ed95af521e6da36b.jpg c49d7ea5cfdca7fae2b47a4377ab41ce.jpg 79700808d0498634c1cb5a08d83a71a0.jpg 48124345057706f003096dacef26811f.jpg 8aa809ed84add8e6bf33bf15deecbda5.jpg 5a5113543075f0b4bef2d26ab5110396.jpg 732eecd1133903c7f8d88d34d36e77f0.jpg a540bb7450e131b243f53af0d282765b.jpg 3a6489732b0dd0d92191d77b86bf98b9.jpg

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  3. Richardspeed10

    Richardspeed10 RSM Club Member

    b23bb1557cb9690d75f78ef29961e44a.jpg 85e7c54d8c07c057807de3d50e8de50c.jpg 94442e2a589b500e12923f86fabbfda5.jpg 18ea03403537803130f8f15355fb6d99.jpg a0a812f6d284385e8d3a4801a8d01bfb.jpg fbeee74a7ed6a1cf069d08b3998d7464.jpg 02ccad51d844861cad4e7e574cc872d3.jpg [​IMG] acdb9a6a08c949fea3506a0dfb8754eb.jpg 6cb55bba79636ca282954c0dd9a221cb.jpg 6e373b95dc79f1a3dcace04b917fd146.jpg ] 8c365b554350750095c2ae6099649dc4.jpg 230ff043b352e0aa814d4d1222231044.jpg

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  4. Richardspeed10

    Richardspeed10 RSM Club Member

    Cars back up for sale after deciding not to sell a few months ago.

    Changes since the last advert

    Mileage is currently on 43k
    Window tints and side skirts have been removed and the car has had a brand new Renault oe fuel pump fitted also all the calipers have been refurbished.

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  5. Sorry to piss on your chips but you’ll never get that money. LY and White more desirable and even then it’s strong money.
    GLWS anyway ;-)
  6. maybe 1 0r 2 people in the country would part with that sort of money for a R26.
    However..this is pretty much as good as it gets
    ,with a full overhaul,and every desirable upgrade possible on the car.
    add this to the fact,its possible one of the 10 lowest mileage R26`s in the country..it starts to make more sense.

    If you bought a 5k R26..you would have to throw at least 4k at it to get it to this standard...
  7. It’s still the wrong colour and wrong time of year. If it goes I bet it goes for £6500-£7000.
    Let’s get a sweepstake going ;-)
  8. Stunning R26 this. GLWTS Rich

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  9. Love this colour - easily my favourite (even if I do have a black one!)

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  10. Richardspeed10

    Richardspeed10 RSM Club Member

    Thanks for all input gents your opinions are much appreciate.
  11. Where are you on the price Richard? Might have someone interested. Where are you based as we would be coming from Brighton.

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  12. Richardspeed10

    Richardspeed10 RSM Club Member

    Pm sent

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