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tyres road/trackdays

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by rockabilly, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. so before we all shout search. i currently drive the car on the road around 5-6k a year.also do spa,ring zandvoort etc.aswell as 10-14 uk trackdays. came with ps4,s which i have to say are fantastic. im on 18,s, now only drawback is after maybe 5-7 laps there done to hot. do i go ps4s or 595rsr. rsr better but sacrifice wet grip. problem is you drive to the ring and it rains game over. personally i enjoy driving the ring in the wet almost as much as the dry.direzzas and ar1 azr1 are out.so anyone have any to throw in the mix.
  2. I run 595's mainly on track, i have also used them in the wet on track and as long as its not silly wet i mean standing water there okay, have driven home on them from a trackday all was good till it pissed it down, mind you they were only just road legal tread wise :blush::blush:
  3. Might be worth a watch, not new 595's either :laughing::laughing:

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  4. cheers ian. had 595 rsr b4 and ado8r but the new ado8rs is crap apparently.595rsr and ps4s all similar prices so it decision time lol
  5. drove my mate 265 on rsr and was good,also drove another mates 265 on falken azenis fk510 and they were on a par with rsr for grip at blyton. but hes on 35 series on 19,s an we both thought the lower side wall may give an advantage. so if i bought the in 18,s may suffer rollover on the walls
  6. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Well, recently fit a set of Pilot SuperSport, very similar to PS4S, and after a little test on dry B roads only have good words for they. Are awesome, now have another car. I would test they on wet tarmac for a complete opinion, but for now very very happy with the Michelin.
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  7. I have a couple of 595RS-r pro's to try, bought two at a really good price, just looking for 2 more
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  8. Rocking the Westlakes right now, outstanding in dry and and v impressive in wet inc standing water (new tread) plus designed for track and manage heat very well. Also as relatively unknown prices silly cheap
    Both PS4S and F1Supersport are fantastic tyres in both wet and dry but where never designed to handle temps generated on track so can’t expect to operate outside design window
  9. You got a tyre model or name for the westlakes bobsan?
  10. Sport RS
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  11. how did you even stumble across these?..never heard of westlake?..sounds like a boyband!
  12. love the 595`s....Camskill have 235`s at £90 each at the moment....i paid more than that when i ordered them from Germany.
    They have no 225 stock still..
  13. they do the RSR-R to!..supposed to be the same grip as 595-r`s..but far noisier..
  14. have you found 595`s tend to delaminate a bit?...mine look in places like a sharp knife has been drawn across the tread in places.Doesnt seem to effect them,but it dont look to good!
  15. I have been looking for some of them to try, but they aren't readily available.
    I have read about the RR's being noisy but as they would have been track tyres it doesn't really matter :laughing::laughing:.

    I have had the very odd one with a cut across the tread, but that's as far as it went.

    The Pro's were a good price so thought i'd give them a go, they are supposed to be really good in the wet, so we will have to wait and see
  16. No delamination at all just a line across the tread, was fine all the way down past the wear markers.

    I also picked up another set of Asymetric 5's brand new and cheap, still have loads of tread on the ones that are fitted atm.
  17. yeah..thats what i mean..lines across the tread..
  18. I have seen them with the whole tread trying to peel off, but that was the very early days
  19. Westlakes offer higher grip levels than 595 and Cup2 wet or dry around £75 corner, they’re huge in drift scene undiscovered so far for us track/road kids
  20. Will have a look and give them a try.
    Are you using them on track or just road, or both ???
  21. What size are you running ???
    Are they true to size or are they wider or narrower than stated.
  22. Slightly narrower, use for track and road, 235 40 18
  23. So i normally run 255's on track, so there 265's should be okay, they don't do 255's, only 225's, 235's and 265's.

    What's the wet weather grip like ???
  24. did that with my mates original 595`s..before the R came out...they literally fell apart from new..
  25. i have been very happy with the 595RS-r's, i have tried the AD08r's and R888's but i don't like them, they were okay on the road but track work they didn't cut it for me.

    Your happy with them aren't you ????

    Can't wait to try the Pro's
  26. Guarantee won’t be disappointed
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  27. i think they are great..but i doubt if mr mot man will be ,when he sees those weird cuts across the tread..
  28. You need a different MOT guy :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  29. yer can say ever heard MOT tech question type of tyre tread before

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