Two written of Clio 182s, but reluctant to give them up!

Discussion in 'Other Projects' started by Berilia, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Hi there
    I've got two written off Clio 182's, one is an inferno Cup and the other a standard 182.

    The engine in my Cup is knackered, and I've always disliked the interior compared to the standard 182. So for fun I've decided to swap the interior, so the Cup has the leather and alcantara seats and fancier door cards. I'm then gonna take the good engine and put that in the Cup, and buy new panels that need replacing from my accident. Then to either sell the other 182 or scrap it! This way, I get to have a bit of fun and I get the best of both cars .

    Today I've started removing the interior from the Cup and give it a bit of a clean . It's amazing how disgusting the underneath of cars seats are..

    DSC_2287.JPG DSC_2290.JPG DSC_2289.JPG DSC_2291.JPG DSC_2292.JPG

    - Amii
  2. By far my favourite colour 182 inferno orange. Good luck with the swap!
  3. It's beautiful! It's a shame that I've got damage to the rear quarter, as I'm worried about paint matching.

    And thank you!
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  4. Those little machines were called Clio Sport Team in Spain, and there arenĀ“t much by the way! Good luck and waiting for news:wink:
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