Twingo RS133 exhaust manifold in Megane 2 1.6

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  1. Hello there, owner of a 2004 Megane 2 1600. I hope i post in the right forum.

    I got for dirt cheap (40 gbp) a never used twingo rs 133 exhaust manifold complete with gaskets and heat tape. So I get to the exhaust shop deleted resonator, got a new handmade muffler and installed a new 200cpsi metallic catalytic converter. When we got to the point of installing the manifold we found out that it fits onto the engine exhaust ports but the starter motor gets in the way. After some research I found out that the megane's starter motor is 18cm long but the clio/twingo's K4x starter motor is only 14cm long.

    I was wondering if I could swap my starter motor for the clio/twingo's shorter one and get the manifold installed. Does it actually fit into the megane's engine? Has anyone tried installing the twingo's manifold onto the megane?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my mediocre english
  2. Does the twingo one actually flow more air?
    If they are the same engine code then yes it should be a pretty straight forward swap.
  3. Yeah it's quite larger actually.
    Engine codes are both K4M. From what I can see the only difference in the starter motors is the length. I was just wondering if anyone fitted one before.
    I attach the actual exhaust manifold I bought.

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