Turn off passenger airbag on Trackdays!

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  1. Lockdown day at Snetterton I was enjoying myself so much I decided to put my 250 into the armco. I could have saved myself a new windscreen and new dashboard if I had turned off the passenger airbag. The switch is just to the right of the steering wheel/dash, revealed when you open the door. When the passenger airbag goes off it tears a huge hole in the dashboard material and smashes the windscreen, nice, not.
  2. That’s not good to hear! Sounds like it’s repairable though?

    Any pics?

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  4. Ouch!

    I actually meant a picture of the disable air bag button. I went looking for mine but it’s possible that Australian market ones don’t have that feature.
  5. Hope the attached photo matches Oz versions?

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  6. Thanks for that. We have a blank there so clearly not a feature that’s allowed under our ADR laws.
  7. Ouch, very sorry to see this. I just checked mine and it doesn't have the switch either, just a blanking.

    How did you end up in the armco if you don't mind me asking?
  8. cant say have ever seen AB disable switch anywhere on 250/265/275

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